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ChaosTreasureHunters Recruitment PS4


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It's time to bring the money back to GTA online. We are the ChaosTreasureHunters and we are here to make money all day every day in gta online. we are a ps4 only crew looking for active loyal members to join us for some fun and games while enjoying the refreshing style of empty lobby to build up and sell your businesses. Mics are not required but highly valued in this crrew. No mics means no promotions in the crew. We find and keep empty public sessions for our crew mates to make money in. we also do vip work on the side for those who are looking for extra cash and rp. we do racing, heists, certain lts's and all events that are double rp and cash. if this sounds like a crew you are interested in, leave a comment in the section down below, or contct us on psn, crew leader's name is gorams2011, please dont friend request without notifying me you are wanting to join the crew in the friend request. We will have some fun killing each other but we dont mess up each others resupply or sell missions, and don't grief players trying to do missions. finally, if someone joins our lobbies and kills one of us, all available members are ordered to kick or kill the player from the session. Hope to see you all join the crew soon! Crew page link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chaostreasurehunters

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  • 2 weeks later...

With the new dlc out having empty sessions with your friends and crew is more important now than ever before. Join now and have no worries about ppl kiling you are destroying your supplies while you are running your businesses. Hope to see you soon!

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Hey, this looks about like something I'm looking for.


Just a couple of questions, how do you guys communicate? I'm done with using the in-game phone texting feature (it's ok for some small chat). Do you have Discord, Slack, or some online chat service. I do occasionally use mic, but sometimes I like to mute it instead of hearing people eat or breath on the com; plus not everyone uses mic so communicating through mic isn't always ideal.

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We usually have a party set up for those with mics and anyone eating usually mutes their mic. Discord is hard for me to use cuz i got garbo internet service till next month, so it's hard for me to do anything like that, but that could be an option if the crew is interested. we have our own crew text chat for those that aren't using mics but u will either be going to the ps4 menu a lot to type or text us through the app.  we all have the app on our phones to text quickly and efficiently qhen not on the mic.

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Loking to make money fast and uninterrupted? Join now and start making money in crew only public sessions where we all come together to get our businesses done and help build each other up. Now till Monday, August 13th, we guarentee you $1 mill on your first day with us. thank you for your consideration

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