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GTA 6:Battle Royale


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Ok This Is More A Question For Rockstar WTF Is The Next Game Seriously What Do They Have In Mind I Mean 5 Games For One Series Thats More Then Most Game Series They Done All The Big Places In The US, So Whats Next Just Basic Game Idea The Singeplayer,The Multiplayer Someone Please Tell Me Ideas So Im Not So Stressed About This I Love Rockstar To Death And I Dont Want There Biggest Success Game Series To Die.

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S1ster P1stol

N O 


There are plenty of other large cities they haven't even touched. 


It's not going to die. But it'll be years until 6 is out so calm your tits. 

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Didn’t read for couple of reasons

- The typography is annoying 

- That You Capitalize Every Single Word And Mixed With First Reason Is Really Annoying

Edited by MARKUS.
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El Penguin Bobo

I did not understand a word you just said due to your font and You Kept Capitalizing Every Single Word In Your Post Nor Did You Even Put A Single Punctuation Mark. Isn't already a thread for this?


Anyways, my answer is no. Why? Because GTA is not Fortnite. The whole "Battle Royale" trend is just going to last for at least a month or two. And no, the WHOLE franchise isn't going to die just because they didn't add one feature.

Edited by xXPinguXx

Image result for gta signature

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1. You can't write for sh*t.

2. You're most likely some 10 year old squeaker who's only played GTA Online and doesn't know that there's more than 5 f*cking games in the series.

Edited by Curtis
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That's enough for this.


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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