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leandro santos

Fire antidote against zombies [dubbed]

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leandro santos

ATTENTION, DOWNLOAD THE MIssions Here http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52518
Mia is a vet student of the solo base corporation, she has been there since she was little and her positions were being elevated, 
but one day the solo base decided to fight the empty area with the terrorists of the North and the scientist of the ground base left a present between the battle. 
all died except some people who became infected by the virus that soon turned into zombies, 
and unfortunately before the creator of the virus himself healed the infected one 
leaves the sewers and goes to town, biting one by one and the virus multiplying 
now, it's up to Mia, Ghesa and her husband and others involved to make way for the antidote Fire against zombies
Fire antidote against zombies [dubbed] (Primeiro pack) (First pack) 
Mia é uma estudante vetrana da corporação base solo, ela está la desde pequena e seus cargos foram sendo elevados, 
mas um dia a base solo decidiu disputar a area vazia com os terroristas do Norte e o cientista da base solo deixou um presente entre a batalha. 
todos faleceram exceto algumas pessoas que ficaram contaminadas pelo virus que logo se transformaram em zumbis, 
e infelizmente antes do proprio criador do virus curar os doentes um infectado 
sai pelos esgotos e vai para cidade, mordendo um por um e o virus se multiplicando 
agora, cabe a Mia, Ghesa e seu Marido e outros envolvidos abrir caminho para o Fire antidote against zombies 

Edited by leandro santos

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