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GTA 5 Online Making money Solo (PC)


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Having built my first gaming machine I felt pretty smart with myself until I realised everyone I know is still a console gamer. So lone wolf it is until I can find some friends who don’t think the sun in Los Santos rises and sets in their A33 Hole. 


Currently I own a Bunker which nets me 210k from 75k paid supplies;

(16) warehouse ~ 240k from 2k single supplies

counterfeit money (mc) ~ 200k from 75k supplies 

import/export selling top range with a cargobob 100k every 16mins or so.

 VIP missions thrown in I can earn just under £1milllion every session. 


Do do you guys have any tips for me as to how I can boost my earnings? I’ve looked at the Cocaine and meth lock ups but I’m not sure if that’s more heavily geared towards team selling. What do you think? drop me a comment. 



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Moved to the guides & strategies online subforum.

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Cocaine and Bunker are both mandatory. Meth and counterfeit cash can be as good as import/export even for solo players. The difference is that the biker bisinesses are Always having bonuses in sales or production  and discounts on clubhouses, supplies or upgrades and i think that the import/export will never receive a bônus or a discount anymore. Special cargo can be good only if you have the biggest warehouse. 

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Modern Spartans MC

We'd recommend you purchase a cocaine factory and upgrade the staff and equipment (security is optional, but if you have the money it could be a smart investment). Depending on how much working capital you have, the other businesses might be a good investment, too.


These businesses are only worth it if you buy the supplies, though.


If you want a full in-depth guide of how to go from broke to $100,000,000 legitimately, check out this step by step guide we put together; 


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