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Your favorite EDM/DJ artist??

Recommended Posts


For me,its only :

Martin Garrix (MG is my favorite )


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike





just that,if i'm add some non-DJ artist...SORRY :v


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Deadmau5 and some songs from Skrillex.

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As far as DJs are concerned, I don't really have a criteria. They have to be good at what they do, obviously, but they don't necessarily have to load themselves with a gimmick in order to stand out. Some do and it works for them, but take somebody like DJ Shadow - his skills are like a part of him, and he could move a room with just his decks and a box full of vinyl. Others like DJ Swamp have chops, but he has an added shock value of setting fire to his records towards the end of a set. It's not practical in the slightest, but it's entertaining. I also like DJ Jaguar Skills, who is a mixing ninja of sorts. Some of my favourite DJs blur the line between artist and performer. One of my favourite musicians happens to be one of my favourite DJs too, a man called George Simpson (otherwise known as A Guy Called Gerald). He doesn't tend to mix vinyl records so much as he relies on a mixer, on-laptop DJ software and a heavily customised mastering interface.


I don't buy into the idea that someone is a better DJ or mixer because of their equipment. It's all about reading the room and playing some great music. It doesn't matter to me how it's done, so long as you're actually doing it. Otherwise, you might as well be plugging an iPod in and pissing off down to the pub.

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KSHMR is my favourite of all, just love all of his work.

Also, I like DJ Snake, Alan Walker, Marshmello, Zedd, David Guetta and Zaeden. 

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