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El Penguin Bobo

What are your biggest fears and why?

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11 hours ago, Queenslayer said:

Acts of paedophilia being legal. 

There are those who advocate for it, rather publicly too.  Scary.

Does anybody remember the article SALON made trying to normalize it? :sui:

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Wasps. I’m kinda afraid of most insects in general, but these have to be the ones I’m the most scared of! These creatures are literally minions of Lucifer! Just their buzzing sound and appearance makes my f*cking skin crawl! Not to go off on a tangent, but dragonflies are actually one of the very few insects I like.



The mere thought of going broke either IRL or in any GTA game.

Edited by ThatBenGuy

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7 hours ago, Awesom-0 said:

Does anybody remember the article SALON made trying to normalize it? :sui:

Ah yes, I had this bookmarked many months ago.  A most disturbing read - https://medium.com/@harperreginald1/salon-writer-todd-nickson-in-his-own-words-why-pedophiles-are-better-qualified-than-you-to-teach-21781e6329b4


An Independent running for Congress called Nathan Larson - https://wjla.com/news/local/virginia-pedophile-candidate


But if you dare question or speak out against you're just the worst person in the world


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My biggest fear is getting bitten by one of these little f*ckers.


I fear venomous spiders in general, their venom is so toxic it can rot your skin and leave a hole that won't heal, and if by chance it does heal - in some occasions it comes back. And I'm not even going to mention the ones that leave their eggs in the wound. Scary.

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Honestly i'm a big guy and I don't think there is many people i'd back down from, like i've given lots of beating and taken lots of beatings, been threatened with knifes and honestly my dude... my biggest fear is a spider like f*ck that sh*t. We also get a beetle during June month where i lived called a Junebug and they fly, hate them f*ckers. they have like suction cups on their legs and they like grip your hands and arm hair and sh*t.


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