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Which Part of the Story Was Better?

Which Part of the Story Was Better?  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Part of the Story Was Better?

    • First:The Prologue-The Jewelry Store Heist
    • Second:Mr Philips- Friends Reunited
    • Third:Fame or Shame-Caida Libre
    • Forth:Minor Turbulence-Monkey Business
    • Fifth:Hang Ten-The Finale
    • All

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Posted (edited)

I can’t say any of it was good, but I suppose it’d have to be up to the Jewel Store because I thought I’d be able to spend money on apartments as was advertised. I also expected some character development and intrigue with Trevor’s admittedly cool entrance to the city, followed by some explosive revelations. 


Trevor was severely oversold by Michael; psychopath this, sick puppy that...but no he just does as he’s told and is put in his place. Never once felt like there was any brewing tension with Michael that could spill over, pair of morons. 


Oh and Franklin, I forgot his surname so that says everything about him. 

Edited by Cheatz/Trickz

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Hard to say what part was best, when I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story. Excellent writing and dialog all around, with awesome character development. While the story was not a tear-jerker, I think in GTA that's a good thing. V is a great balance both between the three protagonists and all their variously intertwined enemies, and I have always particularly enjoyed all the government intrigue and government agency subplots.

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Posted (edited)

The first part. I remember completing the Jewel Store heist and thinking this was going to be an amazing story. I was wrong.

Edited by Zello

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Going to go a bit against the grain here and say part 2 ie Trevor's introductory strand of missions was the best part of V's story imo. Trevor's war against the various gangs such as the Aztecas, the O Neill's and the Lost was the most intense part of V and there was a real feeling of building up a criminal empire. Too bad it got pushed aside when T arrives at Los Santos and the FIB subplot takes over(I didn't hate the FIB subplot, Haines is probably one of the better V villains but I feel the criminal elements of LS such as the Madrazo cartel should have had more focus). While part 1 was okay, apart from the first heist it felt like more of a build up to the rest of the game as such.

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The 2nd part. Trevor's missions all had something fun and unique about them to be honest. I really enjoyed the Crystal Maze Mission to be honest, with the meth lab and I enjoyed the biker mission as well,  the flying was okay in that mission, no timer or anything.   Easily the best part.

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Beginning. I love meeting Michael and Michael & Franklin becoming friends.

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Somethin between first and the second parts, the rest of it kinda sucked

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El Penguin Bobo

I liked the first and second part. The rest? Ehhh...


The story itself is alright, they've had everything together, the dialouge is superb, but they just needed more character development or more characters being fleshed out.


Or, they could have released a DLC to tell some of the all characters story a little bit more.

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