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gta underground black screen crash

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http://2mzgz05.pnghello! i need to fix my grammar but other than that i have a problem with my gta underground. i have a pirated version of the game that works just fine, i have installed cleo, cheats menu mod and DYOM mod. When i extracted all the files from gta underground snapshot 3, i ran the game and then it just froze with an error that weather.dat is missing. i re-installed the mod but nothing changed so now i am using gta underground snapshot 2. So this time no error showed up, and i started a new game (because my load files weren't showing up. the game loads and after it's done loading it fades to a black screen and stays there. When i exit out of gta sa there is an error message saying that the game has crashed. i'm not sure what to do to fix this...  these are 2 screenshots of 2 crashes. Oh and also i am using hoodlum 1.0 US crack...


i don't know how to add the picture of the crash log... trying to add it...

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1. Why are you on 2.2? Just install snapshot 3, then 3.3, and then

2. Don't post a screenshot of error messages, post a minidump instead.

3. You need a 100% clean GTA: SA installation without any mods. If you're on Steam, downgrading is required.

4. Missing file errors indicate that you did not extract all of the files, in other words you did not install the mod correctly.

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thank you for this information! i will uninstall my mods and the only reason why i was using the 2.2 version is because the weather.dat file was corrupt when i tried to extract it. If i will have any further problems then i will either give up or try to seek help. 🙂


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i have this problem


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