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Need more info. Where does it crash?

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it crashes the moment when i start the game

the launcher will open up-i will press continue then the next message i get is the game has crashed,please check the minidump

here is another minidump and the same issue occured


i have a suggestion for you.if you still cant find what the issue is please sent me ___step by step___ how to install snapshot 3.3.please as it is my request.

also if the issue still occurs dkluin please send me the package of the game everything already ready so that i just have to open gta.exe only.

please find a solution to my issue as i really want to play snapshot 3.3

also the current platform i am in is pc-windows 7

intel core i5,ram 8gb,64 bit operating system.

hopefully this info should help you.

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dkluin please give me information if antivirus detects files downloaded as virus.it can also be why my game doesnt works.

i will try reinstalling everything again.i will report to you if my issue still occurs.

Edited by IssamRocks

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dkluin i have no idea and i give up,i reinstalled everything but the same issue occurs.now i am going to send you all my files.please find a solution,its all up to you and i give up!.

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dkluin i think this is a good news as i think i have found the issue.

i will tell you if the snapshot 3.3 works after everything.

when i started the base game it would just be blank and i found out why-the game gets confused how to execute when you create too many folders so i think snapshot 3.3 was crashing due to this issue.so i would request everyone only to make one folder to play the game as it wont work if you add too many.



my situation:folder-folder-game=not working   (i had a folder-in that i had two folders-one was a backup and the other was a game so when i played the game it would crash


snapshot 3.2 worked because i only had one folder and that was a game so therefore it worked.

so think i can say i fixed my issue.

i will give you more info after starting snapshot 3.3 if it worked.

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it works

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