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Help Gta Online not working! (Xbox One)


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Hi everyone I recently bought a copy of GTA 5 for the Xbox One (physical) and I have been playing the story mode for a bit, but lately I wanted to try out GTA Online.

When I went into GTA Online I went into the character creator and created my character.

But when I went into the heritage section it crashed, I tried to go in twice but both times it crashed so I just didn't go into the heritage part. I then went into the tutorial, completed the race, and started the job where you have to steal the drugs from the vagos or something.

I didn't complete that mission though because I had to have dinner.

After I hopped back onto GTA Online but it would load for a while then crash it did this about 10 times until it finally let me in.

I finished that mission and went through the other parts of the tutorial etc (going to LSC and robbing a store) I then logged off for the night. the next morning (today) I logged on again to find it wouldn't load but after 20 tries it let me in I got a text from Lamar's friend (sorry I forgot his name) to test my gun skills or something,

I played a couple rounds of Ltm (as per the text) and decided to quit I pressed quit and It crashed. I then had to load it up about 20 times again until it let me in again I started a job from Agent 76 and 1/4 through the job the game crashed again.

I then had to let it load again for 20 times and it did load in again but I had had enough.


Are there any fixes for this game breaking glitch? I don't think it is my wifis fault because other online games work completely fine.


Thank you for reading this,


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