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GTA IV Games for Windows Live won't work


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My nephew was trying to play GTA IV (Steam), but he wasn't able to log into the live account, which is required to load the saved games.

When we press the "live" button (inside the game), nothing happens! The live popup window does not appear.


I have Gfwl installed and I can log into it, but then it appears "there was an error retrieving your purchase history ..."

I don't know if this is what is causing the problem. I already tried to reinstall everything .. The game, gfwl, live id ... nothing helps


Oh, I also verified the "xlive.dll" and I already have this. No mods installed either. I'm using Windows 7


Can someone help me please? Thank you very much!

Edited by Mayshadowcat
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they removed games for windows live in the latest update. im having the same problem. :(

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i have the reason as to why your windows live wont work. the xlive.dll files disable games for windows live entire ly, so youll have to delete it from your files

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  • 2 weeks later...

If you don't care about multiplayer, you can download ''xliveless''.

Also, did you try to make a offline profile?

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Yeah, ditch Games for Windows Live because it is - and it always has been - a cluster-f*ck of issues from installation to play-through to updating this game. I once called it "the chocolate tea pot of gaming platforms" but with hindisght that was flawd, because a chocolate tea pot's redeeming quality is that it would at least taste good. Games for Windows Live basically showered you with piss and sh*t right from the start, haha!

Anyway, rant over, you can get XLiveLess here (v0.999 beta 7 = latest version, even though it's 8 years old!). In my experience, multiplayer isn't worth the hassle due to lag, poor fps and cheating. I don't use Steam (fortunately I use the boxed version which can be easier to modify), but there is a helpful guide here.

Good luck!

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