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GTA: North Yankton (1993-2004)

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*New Character unlocked: Trevor Phillips. Trevor's inventory includes: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, and Sniper. Trevor's safehouse is a medium-sized house located next to the airstrip right outside Ludendorff and he lives with his mother Betty and brother Ryan. Trevor can use a black Vapid Stainer as his personal vehicle. Trevor has $12,860* 

Trevor sat on an oil tanker right outside the airstrip. He was wearing an olive green turtle neck, dirty blue jeans, grey finger-less gloves, and brown sneakers. Trevor has a mullet and a lumberjack beard. He sat staring at his white Velum, waiting for the customer. Suddenly, a blue Benson rammed through the gate driven by a man in his late 60's. Not far behind, was a yellow Dundreary Regina. The Benson stopped as the guy got out and said "You Trevor?" Trevor said "You're goddamn right I'm Trevor!" The man said "Hurry, load the plane." A man in his mid 20's stepped out of the Regina. This man had a military-like buzzcut, and was wearing a grey fleece jacket, black slacks, and black boots. The man pulled a Pistol and said "That b*sterd stole my truck." *New character unlocked: Michael Townley. Michael's inventory includes: Pistol and Sawed-Off Shotgun. Michael's safehouse is a low-end apartment in the center of Ludendorff and he lives with his girlfriend Amanda. Michael can use a yellow Dundreary Regina as his personal vehicle. Michael has 56,914.* *Switch available between Michael and Trevor. Michael said "Come on man, help me out and I'll make damn sure i help you big time." Trevor said "F*ck, alright." Michael shot the older man right under the left eye with his Pistol.  Suddenly, Declasse Burrito's full of members from the German mafia filled the airstrip. The mafia men came out holding SMG's. Michael said "F*ck man, more of those foreign f*cks!" Trevor pulled out his Assault Rifle and said "Don't just stand there stoolie, why don't you shoot these pr*cks?" Michael and Trevor fired bullets everywhere. 10 minutes later, they had finished off the mob bosses. Trevor walked over to Michael and asked "The f*ck was that?" Michael saiod "You were supposed to buy guns from that guy, only he f*cking did a drive-by on my apartment building because the guy he was getting the guns from, refused to hand over the guns. That f*ck almost shot my 2 year old daughter Tracey and my pregnant girlfriend Amanda, so I chased him down and now this sh*t happens!" Trevor said "I helped you, now help me." Michael got two beers from his car and said "So, you hear about all the liquor stored and inns being robbed?" Trevor said "Yeah." Michael said "Well, with me we ain't gonna be caught robbing." 

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