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Wtf is going on?


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This morning I sold my last bikerstuff and crates before the bonusweek expired. Later that day the only thing I did was removing the following mod from Skyrim:




I should add I installed this one when my main account got suspended, but should have nothing to do with GTA. I have both games on Steam.


Now I got this:




I found out this message is wrong, it is a 30 day suspension until August 9. But I still have no clue why since I never installed mods for GTA and such. Must be somethign else maybe with my notebook, only programs I have running besides regular windows stuff are Avast Free Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Firewall and WinPatrol.


I use Avast and WinPatrol since 2014 without problems, swapped to Zonealarm somewhere last year from an outdated firewall and so far also had no problems. I opened a ticket already, but I know there will be no help.



I currently also reinstall the game.


Also heared rumors that the discord overlay would cause trouble with the anticheat, but I also never use that or teamspeak. If there is a list of programs that cause trouble with GTA, please let me know. 😟







Edited by mrgstrings
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You didnt do anything wrong, there was just banbot on rampage as it usually is once in a while, afaik and read from other peoples experiences put anything else as topic in R support ticket and soon you get human to talk this through and once you talk to human you have a chance to fix it

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Honestly I see not much hope for that, already lost almost 2 years of progress on my main account just a few weeks ago, I posted about this here and they even claimed that the investigation showed the ban would be legit...


Those 30 days soon expire, but now it will be even harder for me to log in, always having in mind that the next one is perm.


Edited by mrgstrings
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As expected the same useless copypaste bs reply like always.

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