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GTA Vice City Stories for PSP emulator PC

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Hello guys i have one question. It is possible to finish game on PSP emulator for PS and achieve 100% completion?

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Actually, if PSP emus have been improved in recent years, then yes. However, if you have a strong PC(today's models or models from 2015 etc.), you may do it that way too. Afair, 2 years ago, my brother played it on PC, his PC was new btw. Afair, I played it on PS2 emu at the time it was released, and you know PS2 emus are still not good, then I bought a PS2 for that game and LCS lol. Frame rate should be fluent, otherwise I am afraid, unless you are an extra patient guy, it'd be impossible to complete the side missions.   

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Vice City criminal

Don't see many reasons why you couldn't. I completed VCS to 100% in the ps2 emulator by 2015.

And both the emulator and my PC weren't even that good at the time.

You'll do fine on the PSP emulator considering current year.

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Jack Lupino

PSP emulator is great and if you can have  a  ps2/4 controller its even better.

I play on keyboard and still very much enjoying the game.

And YES you can do 100% in VCS if you have enough patience.

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Mr. Jago

The game looks and runs great on PPSSPP, definitely the best version to emulate.




I'd recommend using the bloom filter too, makes the game look similar to the PS2 version and very pretty. :inlove:

Edited by Mr. Jago

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The answer is Yes, you can get a 100% save and use it, but you need ppsspp emulator for that.

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