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Top 5, 10, or 15 Best GTA IV/EFLC Characters

Bratva Assassin

Recommended Posts

Bratva Assassin

Note: Don’t worry, I’ll probably do a worst list of some sort in the future.


Anyway, like Algonquin Assassin and some others on this site, I hold the consensus that GTA IV/EFLC have an overall pretty great cast of characters. However, then there’s some who don’t care for the game. I’ll respect their opinion as long as they respect mine. So with that being said, I’ll give you guys the option of doing either a top 5, 10, or 15 list of favorite GTA IV/EFLC characters. It is also optional whether or not you want to list them in order.


Here’s my top 15!

#15 Gerald McReary

He’s caring for Packie. He overall seems legit.

#14 Kate McReary

Too bad she had to die so Roman couldn’t. She was by far the cleanest out of all the McReary siblings.

#13 Mallorie Bardas

She shows a lot of hospitality.

#12 Mikhail Faustin

He was right all along about Dimitri. It would’ve been nice for him to survive. I’m sure if he would’ve been spared, he would’ve became Niko’s friend and helped him get rid of Dimitri in the end.

#11 Dwayne Forge

I chose to spare him instead of Playboy X. He’s a good friend to Niko once you get to know him.

#10 Brucie Kibbutz

He’s a hilarious metalhead and mechanic. Enough said!

#9 Roman Bellic

Niko’s hilarious older cousin! I have an older cousin IRL who’s just as cool as Roman, even though she’s actually female, lol.

#8 Terry Thorpe

Great friend of Johnny, Clay, and Jim, and would spill his own blood for them.

#7 Clay Simons

Very strong loyalty to Johnny, Jim, and Terry.

#6 Jim Fitzgerald

He always has Johnny’s back and I like it!

#5 Patrick McReary

A guy who manages to be both a metalhead and a mobster. Just like Gerry, he’s a lot more straightforward in what he does than Derrick and Francis.

#4 Little Jacob

My favorite non-protagonist throughout the whole game! I don’t care what anyone says about the loyalty relationship between Michael and Trevor. Little Jacob is far more loyal to Niko than anyone else within the GTA series. ANYONE.

#3 Luis Fernando Lopez

I think he’s a very great and underrated protagonist.

#2 Johnny Klebitz

See my other posts in other threads for reasons. I’ve discussed how much I like him in multiple threads that shouldn’t be that hard to find. Trevor, you may take Johnny, Clay, and Terry’s lives but you’ll NEVER take their fans!

#1 Niko Bellic

My favorite character in the whole series for various reasons I’ve mentioned throughout the site! I love his Serbian accent and his leather jacket! Being Balkan/Eastern European, he sounds a bit like a vampire/goth. To be completely honest, judging by his personality, he slightly is one, but with the constant circumstances surrounding him, could you really even blame the guy? Lol.


Now for my catchphrase: what about you guys?

Edited by ThatBenGuy
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9)Dwayne Forge

8)Malc:I hate the old-fashioned bikers and their culture. But I like the Uptown Riders and Malc. They are the sort of bikers I like. 

7)Ray Bulgarin

6)Yusuf Amir

5)Luis Lopez

4)Mikhail Faustin

3)Packie McReary

2)Tony Prince

1)Little Jacob


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Algonquin Assassin

1 - Niko. No explanation needed. The greatest character/protagonist R* have ever written.


2 - Little Jacob. His loyalty is unrivalled.


3 - Roman. Despite his lies about living a fake life and hiding his real problems from Niko I still think he's awesome.


4 - Packie. I love getting drunk with this Irish prick haha. To pay him back he's my #1 heist crew member in GTA V.


5 - Johnny. Though we learn more about Johnny in TLAD it kind of sucks about the situations he and Niko find themselves in. In a perfect world the'd probably be the best of friends.


6 - U.L Paper Contact. I just love this guy. His mysterious nature just makes him cooler and he has some awesome lines "You think I don't know that? You think I've been sitting around scratching balls with my head up my ass?".🤣


7- Kate. I actually don't mind Kate. She's one of the few females characters in the series that doesn't feel cliched.


8 - Karen/Michelle. In a way I felt bad for her a she was genuinely falling for Niko. 


9 - Dwayne. In a lot of ways he's lived a similar life to Niko and I think that's what makes them such good friends.


10 - Brian Meech. For just a minor/random character I think he's quite interesting. His first encounter is just pure gold.


11 - Mallorie. She's just so cool and warming. She feels more like a sister. It's a shame there's no way to hang out with her though.


12- Bernie. Similar to Mallorie. I wish we could hang out with him because I would've loved to have known more about his life in the time he had spent in Liberty City.


13- Hossan. Same reason as the two above. I wnted to get to know him better because he seemed like a good fellow.


14 - Brucie. Probably has some of the most hilarious lines in the game. Particularly during "Out Of The Closet". I don't understand when people say the story's too dark and serious when you have free spirits like Brucie to lighten things up.


15-  Mikhail. I didn't think he was that bad. Sure he had anger issues, but it was hard for me to kill him when I realised how much of a snake Dimiiri was. It's like Ileyna says in many ways the world's better off without him, but he was still just a father and husband trying to do what he could for his family.


Well that's my 15. I know I'm missing so many more, but I don't want to to stretch out the page too much. Tried to keep it as short and sweet as possible.👍😛

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Algonquin Assassin
3 minutes ago, TheSantader25 said:

Oh I forgot one. 




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In random order

10- Dimitri Rascalov
9- Dwayne Forge
8- Phil Bell
7- Ray Boccino
6- Roman Bellic
5- Ray Bulgarin
4- Mikhail Faustin
3- U.L. Paper
2- Little Jacob
1- Niko Bellic

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Algonquin Assassin
4 minutes ago, Helegad said:

Y'all need to get a job.

I'll take Mohammed's. 

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1. Niko Bellic: Do I need to explain this ? Nah.


2. Luis Fernando Lopez: Like ThatBenGuy said, he is a great protagonist but highly underrated. 


3. Johnny Klebitz: Badass Biker, the most intimidating protagonist IMO. 


4. Packie McReary: My favourite side character in the entire series. Loved his character, missions and hanging out with him. 


5. Lil Jacob: I have hard time understanding him even with the subtitles on, but I like him. He is loyal to Niko entire game.


6. Mikhail Faustin: "This American greed takes everyone. It is like a disease. Only I am still sane".


7. Gerald McReary: One of the intimidating character in series IMO.


8. Roman Bellic: Mr Big, Mr Roman, living the American dream. He got luxury condo, women, money, sports car, beach, opportunity. How can one not like him ?


9. Ray Boccino: Aspiring mobster, loved his character, missions.


10. Tony Prince: I like him. He fills the role of Roman for Luis.


11. Elizabeta Torres: I don't know why most of people hate her. She was interesting and little intimidating too. 


12. Phil Bell: Wish he had more part in the game, apart from stealing drugs with Niko.


13. Dwayne Forge: He feels like Frank Lucas or Freeway Rick Ross. 


14. Billy Grey: Best antagonist in IV+EFLC. 


15. Ray Bulgarin: Loved him in IV, but in TBOGT he felt little less intimidating, showing his brighter side. 


Honourable mentions: Jon Gravelli, Dimitri Rascalov, Mallorie Bardas, Jimmy Pegorino, Vlad Glebov, Badman, Bernie Crane, Rocco Pelosi, Malc, Jim Fitzgerald, Terry Thorpe and Timur. 

Edited by Crossbones
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There's too many to choose from, so here's my 20:


20. Pathos

19. Yusuf Amir

18. Mikhail Faustin

17. Karen

16. Vlad Glebov

15. Brucie Kibbutz

14. Ray Boccino

13. Gerry McReary

12. Kate McReary

11. Elizabeta Torres

10. Tom Stubbs

9. Jim Fitzgerald

8. Dimitri Rascalov

7. Billy Grey

6. Packie McReary

5. Johnny Klebitz

4. UL Paper Contact

3. Roman Bellic

2. Lil' Jacob

1. Niko Bellic


And not to forget the best character in the trilogy: Liberty City.

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Femme Fatale

1. Niko

2. Roman

3. Johnny

4. Packie

5. Little Jacob

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In no particular order:

Niko-no explanation needed

Roman-has some funny moments (not to mention that he reminds me of some of my friends who moved to other countries,bought some old Mercs, BMWs or Audis,and are now pretending to be rich)

Mallorie-she seems like a really nice girl who really likes Roman

Packie-a badass Irish mobster and Niko's good friend

Kate-she seems nice and unlike the rest of her family she's not a criminal or corrupt

Brucie-has a lot of funny moments,and he's Niko's good friend (not to mention I love that scene when he punches Mori in TBOGT)

Jacob-he's a very loyal friend to Niko and a cool guy

Dwayne-a badass middle aged gangbanger who was around to see the golden age of street gangs in the 90s and despite being more cynical,he still lives that lifestyle

Phil Bell-he seems like a nice guy,and doesn't seems to be after Niko after he gets into conflict with Pegorino mob

Johnny-a badass outlaw biker who doesn't let anyone mess with him and his club

Terry and Clay-both very loyal friends to Johnny

Jim-Johnny's best friend and a very cool guy

Jason-we don't really get to see him much even in TLAD,but he seems to be a good friend with Johnny and a badass

Malc-it was cool to see a sports bike riding street racing type of bikers along with traditional chopper riding bikers in TLAD,and he was a cool guy and a good friend with Johnny

Yusuf-my favorite character from TBOGT,had a lot of funny moments

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1. Niko

2. Packie

3. UL Paper Contact/Bernard

4. Congressman Stubbs

5. Little Jacob

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1. Niko Bellic - Definitely the most developed and fleshed out character R* has ever written, and probably the most likeable


2. Dimitri Rascalov - The perfect villain imo. The more you saw of him, the more you wanted him dead, the phone calls from him taunting Niko were perfectly done and just seemed to add salt to the wound, as in the case in "Roman's Sorrow"


3. Roman Bellic - A goofy side character done right, very respectable character as well, as Roman clearly cares for Niko, refusing to sell him out to Rascalov even when being held hostage in "Hostile Negotiation"


4. Little Jacob - Probably the most loyal side character in the entire series, every line of dialogue was a masterpiece too. Willing to help out Niko in "Russian Revolution" despite Niko only doing about 3/4 missions for him prior to it


5. Packie McReary - Great sense of humour, seems like the type of guy Niko would be friends with without any kind of criminal circumstances.


6. Jimmy Pegorino - The Peg's character was done perfectly, loved seeing him so calm in his early missions, then seeing him reduced to a wreck in missions like "Flatline" and "One Last Thing"


7. Florian Cravic/Bernie Crane - Definitely not what I expected in my first playthrough lol. I thought he was quite a funny character, and I wished Niko could've hung out with Bernie, it could've given some insight into life before the war, similar to some of Roman's conversations.


8. Mikhail Faustin - Always hate killing him in playthroughs, as throughout his missions you can see him getting friendlier with Niko, possibly even trusting him, always find his argument with Illyna funny


9. Brucie Kibbutz - Found him very annoying in my first playthrough, yet I warmed up to him over time, I think they go a bit full-throttle with the whole tiny-balls thing, but it's still funny nonetheless


10. Johnny Klebitz - I liked him as a protagonist, slightly disappointed that the dialogue with his brother via. emails wasn't built on more, but his interactions with Niko & other characters was good, and wasn't pushed further for the sake of fan service


11. Ray Boccino - A very interesting character I think, everyone always portrays him as this slimy, greedy, backstabbing motherf#cker, yet he gets betrayed by Johnny, and The Peg & Niko! But when you really think about it, he is very slimy. He never had any intention of helping Niko finding Florian until Niko has a bit of a fit in "Museum Piece", the Alderney safehouse was so Ray could keep an eye on Niko. He was really only looking out for himself, and everything he does supports this.


12. Real Badman - Despite being a very minor character, he has quite a lot of backstory revolving around his early criminal life in LC, and the Yardies alongside LJ. His dialogue is also a complete masterpiece


13. Kate McReary - In a city full of drug-dealing lunatics, Kate seems like one of the few normal people, which is very refreshing.


14. Vlad Glebov - Game did a good job of making you hate this prick VEERRRY quickly. His dialogues with Niko were very funny though


15. Ruslana (Vladivostok Fm Dj) - I always had a lot of fun listening to Vfm just to hear her jabs at America and American people, I think my favourite quote from her is "We have been having a good time with this music, but now, the Americans must try and sell us, Razers and Scooters for Fat People!"

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Jerking For Soup

1. Tony Prince

2. Roman 

3. Niko

4. Francis

5. U.L Paper Contact

6. Phil Bell

7. Ray Boccino

8. Jon Gravelli 

9. Packie

10. Faustin 

11. Kate

12. Dimitri

13. Jimmy Pegorino

14. Luis Lopez

15. Johnny Klebitz

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El Penguin Bobo

#1: Niko Bellic: Like everyone else said, it doesn't need an explanation.


#2: Roman Bellic: I can see why some people would hate him, due to his lies about condos and sport cars, and him repeatedly asking you to go bowling, (which is bullsh*t btw), but honestly, he was one of my favorite GTA characters in the franchise.


#3: Little Jacob: "BUMBACLOT!"


#4: Johnny K: I hated to see him get brutally murdered by Trevor in GTA V. He was also a really underrated protagonist. R.I.P.


#5: Luis Lopez: Another underrated protagonist. He was sometimes a dick but he was still cool.


#6: Brucie Kibbutz: He was kinda annoying but I don't blame him. It was probably his brother Mori made him that way in TBOGT.


#7: Yusuf Amir: "We getting Arab Money!" I really liked him in TBOGT. He gave you a Golden Uzi and that Super Drop Diamond car.


#8: Mikhail Faustin: He had a lot of issues, and I mean ALOT! But he was still cool nonetheless.


#9: Tony Prince: I'm glad that R* brought him back in the Nightclub DLC in GTAO. But his model looks really bad though.


#10: Dwayne Forge: I felt really bad for him.. He was depressed and lived a rough life. I never killed him in any of my playthroughs.

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1. Niko Bellic.

2. Luis Lopez.

3. Johnny Klebitz.

4. Yusuf Amir.

5. Roman Bellic.

6. Little Jacob.

7. Packie McReary

8. Gay Tony.

9. United Liberty Paper.

10. Billy Grey.

11. Jim Fitzgerald.

12. Gerald McReary.

13. Dmitri Rascalov.

14. Ray Bulgarin.

15. Brucie Kibbutz.



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"Hold the consensus" hahahahahaha - what are you some kind of university professor?


Most memorable characters for me in no particular order.

1. Niko 2. Roman 3. Vlad 4. Mikhail 5.Francis 6. Gerry 7. Packie 8. Gordon 9. Derrick 10. Real Badman 11. Pathos 12. These "good people" who owed money to Ivan 13. Jimmy Pegprino 14. Ray Bulgarin 15. Ray Boccino

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  • 8 months later...
  1. Niko Bellic
  2. Johnny Klebitz
  3. Dimitri Rascalov, Billy Grey and Ray Bulgarin (in IV only)
  4. Gerry McReary
  5. U.L. Paper Contact & Tom Stubbs
  6. Ray Boccino
  7. Mikhail Faustin
  8. Little Jacob & Jim Fitzgerald
  9. Karen Daniels
  10. Phil Bell
  11. Terry Thorpe & Clay Simons
  12. Angus Martin
  13. Roman Bellic
  14. Packie McReary
  15. Dwayne Forge
Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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1 Niko just because he’s really cool

2 mikhail because he seems to be a cold badass mother trucker who believes in discipline and loyalty to the max 

3 Dwayne he’s like the two above he keeps it real and is not afraid to represent that he’s an OG 

4 Ray Bulgarin if r* didn’t make him like a weird child in TBOGT although there is a mission where you see bulgarin giving a gift to Luis in which there’s a box and a chopped off head he certainly gives off the same vibe as Mikhail like he’s a Cold strong Murder boss who runs a big mafia gang but he’s a lot more foreign than Mikhail 

5 Phill Bell he’s just really genuine I think he doesn’t have to try too hard to come off as a reliable source and friend to niko 

6 Johnny his theme may be for a very specific group of people but he has this principle in manners and can still be acting like a real man at times 

7 ray boccino he may seem a lil uninteresting but imo I think he sure knows how to be a business man and I feel like if him and niko stood very loyal to each other they would be very respectful to each other in the end 

8 Gerald McReary he seems to be a person who keeps a straight personality no matter what he’s in also kind of like Dwayne 

9 Elizabeta she’s a strong independent woman who ain’t afraid to run her life the way she wants lol 


Edited by HisNameIsMilad
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