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Lethal Weapon: the series


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  Alright, so let's talk about this show I didnt even know existed based on one of my favorite film series, Lethal Weapon.

My first reaction is "no, why would you even try, wtf is the matter with you". Because I felt it impossible to cast the series heroes Detective Martin Riggs and Detective Roger Murtagh, originally played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Having finally broken down, I bought season 1 & 2 and I must say its surprisingly good. 


    Clayne Crawford really nails the character of Martin Riggs without doing a Mel Gibson impression. Damon Wayans is great as well, he's comic relief without being dumb, naive, or disrespectful to the character. They have the chemistry down too. Jordana Brewster is in it looking hotter than ever. I love that 'collateral damage' is a plot point.


   The creators have really left their own mark on it as well with some story and character changes. Riggs is from now an ex-Navy Seal from transferred from a Texas Narcotics division after the loss of his wife and child. Murtagh has recently suffered a heart attack and as a result has a pacemaker and heart monitor. They aren't huge changes as much as new details. Leo Getz is merely a shadow of the former character, which is better than someone trying to mimic Joe Pesci's more manic motor-mouth version. The differences are small but respectful to the original films. 


  It's not without its negatives, but it's mostly due to being on prime time network television and the shows genre and format. By this I mean it's a 30-minute comedic procedural. It's a slave to the CSI/Bones/Jag/Criminal Minds/ect formula: opens with the murder, some contrived deductions, some false flag planting, villian reveal, and everything wraps-up by the end of the episode. The action and dialogue cant match that of the movies, at least not as explicitly. Only minor character season arcs, dont expect something like a season long investigation of Amanda Hunsaker's "suicide" or anything.


Overall, its "Lethal Weapon lite" not allowed to indulge in violence, sex, or profanity at the level of the films. It has the core intact and the right buddy-cop dynamics and transcends its tv genre shackles with superb acting, better writing, and more 'splosions (its Lethal Weapon ffs)


 The fact it takes place in LA/CA really helps illustrate how much hardwork R* put in to replicating the state and city. Some scenes are straight out of gta. Ine episode opened with an on-foot chase down Hollywood Boulevard, complete with character actors posing for pictures in front of the theater, set to the tune of "hollywood swingin", and all I could picture was a Hydra dive bombing the whole scene.  I swear, the sets are straight out of this game down to the tables and couches. It feels like CBS made a GTA Online tv show. Its Burn Notice in Los Santos.


   Recently, it was announced that Clayne Crawford was fired from the show and will be replaced by Sean William Scott as a new character. I don't know how you can have Lethal Weapon without Martin Riggs, as he is the titular character.


Idk, check it out if you like Lethal Weapon or need Rockstar Editor ideas. If you've seen it, what do you think.




Edited by MisFit-138
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I was the same as you. Full of doubts, but gave in and watched it.


I thought it was amazing and Clayne Crawford was the perfect choice for Riggs. I recognised him from Justified and was surprised to see him in such a Lead Role as this.


Without giving spoilers, I can't see how it is possibly going to work in Season 3 without him. This brings me back to my original feelings of "Meh, I am not going to enjoy this" all over again...

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