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Greek Super League Prediction League 2018-19


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Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Greek Super League

This is the official topic about the Greek League predictions.

The 2018–19 Super League Greece, or Souroti Super League for sponsorship reasons, will be the 83rd season of the highest tier in league of Greek football and the 13th under its current name. The season will start on 25 August 2018 and is scheduled to finish on 12 May 2019.



Teams (Source : wikipedia)

Team Location Stadium Capacity
AEK Athens Athens (Marousi) Olympic Stadium 69,618
AEL Larissa AEL FC Arena 16,118
Apollon Smyrnis Athens (Rizoupoli) Georgios Kamaras Stadium 14,856
Aris Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium 22,800
Asteras Tripolis Tripoli Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium 7,616
Atromitos Athens (Peristeri) Peristeri Stadium 10,425
Lamia Lamia Lamia Municipal Stadium 6,000
Levadiakos Livadeia Levadia Municipal Stadium 6,500
OFI Heraklion Theodoros Vardinogiannis Stadium 9,088
Olympiacos Piraeus Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium 32,115
Panathinaikos Athens Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium 16,003
Panetolikos Agrinio Panetolikos Stadium 7,321
Panionios Athens (Nea Smyrni) Nea Smyrni Stadium 11,700
PAOK Thessaloniki Toumba Stadium 29,000
PAS Giannina Ioannina Zosimades Stadium 7,652
Xanthi Xanthi Xanthi FC Arena 7,422



Predicting the correct result : 3 pts

Predicting the match winner : 2 pts


Fixtures aren't drawn yet but you can predict the following


Top goalscorer : rewards you 3 pts

Assists (player only): rewards you 3 pts

Goals (team only): rewards you 3 pts

League winner : rewards you 5 pts



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19 hours ago, Katemosswithoutmakeup said:

Even Europa League Prediction games don't catch attention here mate,sorry

that's because Europa League isn't a betting circlejerk. Meanwhile, Greek SuperLeague is litteraly a betting f*ckhouse, because it's so bad it's good. What do I mean?

Olympiacos had a 7 year winning run twice! (1997-2003, 2011-2017). How? 

AEK won the league this year by the same way.  

PAOK scored a regular goal vs AEK but it was disallowed  

Then, PAOK'S President, Ivan Savvidis stormed the pitch, some said he had a gun, irl tho, no one know if he had one, AEK managed to f*ck up the whole league by dissalowing that goal, A REGULAR GOAL! That goal was a title-winning one. PAOK had by far a better team that produced quality but no one gives a crap about quality in this league, It's all about money. That's why it's a betting circlejerk. 


Edited by THEGTAGUY4
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Yeah, but we don't really bet around here do we? We're enthusiasts who like high quality football. I don't think the Greek League will generate enough enthusiasm. I don't even think La Liga prediction league would get off the ground. The only prediction leagues that still work are Premier League and World Cup imho. Maybe if a new GTA comes out and more people start posting Europa League can happen, but that's pretty much the limit.

I'm familiar with the 'it's so bad it is good' phenomenon. I often watch the bottom contenders of the Dutch League for this exact reason.

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