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Question about ancient history

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Not sure if anyone is into this kind of thing but, I'm doing a personal project on Ancient History. I would like to know  what was the greatest ancient civilization/empire(in terms of military tactics, and military power). I've read on lots of websites, and they all have different answers. Please back up your answer with some evidence. Thanks in advance

Edited by TheDudeAbides
Original question was too vague

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That is very debatable, is like saying, who created earth?.


You got many sources like you said. I do too when I search about Inquisition, Nazis, Religion (even I'm not religious), Ancient / Actual Egypt and such complicated topics, with all information searching and reading many years I don't have a answer until this day to many questions.

Edited by MyNameHere

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EDIT: You probably should put that question to these guys:






TL;DR: There is no absolute answer to this, and I personally don't have a favorite to present, either.


Most of what we know - or think we know - of ancient history is based on assumptions and conclusions made by scholars living centuries later, so producing evidence is a complicated and highly biased process.


Romans is always a save bet to pick for history classes (and maybe a bit boring for this reason). There is quite a lot material on the Romans, for they are the last of the "ancient" Empires, in so far the most commonly used definition of ancient history sees this era ending with the splitting of the Roman Empire, in fact. Romans have also assimilated and incorporated tons of elements of their predecessors (particularly of Greek and Egyptian power base), they are great source material.


But what about the Parthians (huge population, long living dynasty)? or Alexander The Great's conquests (short-lived as an Empire, but of large impact)? What about the Xiongnu? What about multiple Empires centered on the Nile (at least much of the stuff they built is still standing)? What about pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas, that we know practically nothing about. Or the Kush?




You really have to answer your question yourself, because, this being your project, you have to decide how you yourself define "greatness" of an Empire (or any other civilization) in the first place. Is it the covered landmass? The length of their existence? The number of subjects, either relative to world population or in absolute numbers? Output in cultural and/or technological achievements? The size of the "footprint" they left on following cultures (good or bad), especially including other empires, as these things tend to be built upon each other? Once you know what questions you want to ask, it will become easier to sort out the answers.


So make some comparisons, take your pick from what impresses you most, and have fun building your case around evidence that can be bent in almost any direction of your choice. The majority of historians across the centuries did the same, and they are doing it still. Good luck 👍


Edited by Guest

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You need to pick a metric to define "greatness".


The British empire was the largest by outright population and land mass.


The Persian comprised the largest percentage of the world's citizens.


The Byzantine or Japanese empire is the longest lasting, depending on how you define "empire".

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^ And to define "ancient". Romans and Greeks are often referred to as "ancient", but these civilizations emerged at the end of the dark ages following collapse of Egyptian, Mycenaean, and Hittite empires. If you need truly ancient "great empires", you should probably look at the Bronze Age Collapse.

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Evil empire

Since his empire was the widest the world has ever known I would say Gengis Khan although the conquered territory didn't remain united for long.

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make total destroy
On 7/6/2018 at 10:48 PM, TheDudeAbides said:

what was the greatest ancient civilization/empire



civilization was a mistake. it's nothing but trash.

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