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What are the most powerful characters? And why?


What are the most powerful characters? And why?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What are the most powerful characters? And why?

    • Kenny Petrovic
    • Ray Bulgarin
    • U.L. Paper
    • Playboy X
    • Mikhail Faustin
    • Dimitri Rascalov
    • Jimmy Pegorino
    • Jon Gravelli
    • Ray Boccino
    • Phil Bell
    • Other ( specify )

Recommended Posts

I think the most powerful characters are

U.L. Paper: He managed to find Darko Brevic despite being on the other side of the world and has lots of contacts.

Ray Bulgarin: is much richer and more powerful than Dimitri Rascalov and despite the fact that in the history of Gta IV only appeared a couple of times, TBOGT showed that if he wants something he wants to get it in every way.

Kenny Petrovic: It does not appear in GTA IV nor in its expansions but nevertheless managed to influence the plot causing a war between Niko and Dimitri

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ULP:Explained by OP. 

Others:Niko, Luis cause they get what they want. 

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Jon Gravelli Sr. is the most powerful character in IV IMO. He is the boss of the most powerful family, the Gambetti's. He has connections with powerful politicians, even the ULP contact respects him and is on good terms with him. 


Another one is Ray Bulgarin. Powerful Russian Mob boss, got lots of contacts in LC and Europe. Even Niko fled Europe to escape his wrath because he had too many connections down there. 

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The Time Ranger

UL Paper, a shady government operative who seemingly only answers to himself. He reminds me of Mike Toreno from SA. He's a character I'd like more backstory on but that would probably take away from his mystique. 

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  • 4 months later...
Bratva Assassin

I’d have to say Ray Bulgarin, Kenny Petrovic, Mikhail Faustin, Jimmy Pegorino, and Jon Gravelli. All of them were quite powerful Russian and Italian-American mob bosses. Gravelli’s family was the most powerful in all of LC’s Commission. Jimmy Pegorino also knew for a fact that he had a shot at the Commission. Mikhail Faustin seemed to have great organization within his gang. As far as Ray Bulgarin and Kenny Petrovic, it’s self explanatory.

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