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Akula Appreciation & Discussion


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$2,785,000 - $3,704,050



Once upon a time, a blank radar screen meant you could relax. But times change. With the Akula in town, a blank radar screen probably means you're a few seconds away from being vaporized by a cackling sociopath in an attack helicopter. And there's only one way to make sure you're on the right side of that brave new world...


Features standard upgrades for new aircraft including the option for Bombs


Co-pilot Weapons

.50 Cal Minigun Turret - $700

Dual .50 Cal Minigun Turret - $300,000



No Missiles - $700

Missile Barrage - $300,000

Homing Missile - $325,00


Missile Barrage fires 4 rockets in a burst before a short cooldown while the Homing Missile doesn't have a cooldown


Stealth Mode

Going in stealth mode drops you, and passengers, off the radar. This includes if you have a bounty or carrying different supplies and cargo. But don't rely too heavily on it as you are locked out of weapons while active. And even in stealth mode you have three blinking lights to make you visible in the sky at night and in the day you would be hard pressed to go unspotted. On top of this, the Yachts defence system, and Orbital Cannon can still see and shoot you down. While weapons are disabled, the two passengers in the back seat have access to 3 types of cameras; Normal, Night Vision and Thermal to help call out threats.


Personal Issues

I have a number of issues with the chopper that some people might resonate with.



The first is the Bombs, I've never really been a fan of them on choppers, but I can generally live with it... but not in this case. With Bombs and Stealth on the same button (one being hold and the other press) it means that Countermeasures get sacrificed. I would much rather have Countermeasures any day of the week over Bombs.



The next is the strength of the miniguns. Don't get me wrong, 4 .50 Cal miniguns on a fast chopper is insane. But, between the Savage and the Hunters nose mounted explosive cannons it's a bit lackluster. You will find yourself in situations where you as the pilot will be using the missiles far more then the guns, this instantly cuts the number of guns in play in half. I have some suggestions on a possible work around.


- When there's no other passengers, the Pilot can fire all 4 miniguns to get the maximum use out of them

- The normally Pilot-only miniguns could be attached to a similar swivel mount so the back two passengers can control 1 gun each with only a 180 deg arc on that side of the chopper


Final Verdict

I still love this chopper. Yer there's a number of areas that could be improved upon, but that's essentially every chopper. Should you get one? If you have a hanger and the funds then absolutely. Let's hear everyones opinion of this chopper and throw in some images of yours in action

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Legit spent 15-20 min searching for a discussion thread and couldnt find anything. Feels bad man

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Yep, it exists already. Just search the first posts here




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