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Speculation: Cattle Rustling

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If you glance over the now-confirmed leaked map of RDR2, you'll see it's covered with a whole lot of blue dots.   All the light blue ones are marked in legend as "Homesteads/Robbery," which most likely indicates juicy home invasion targets for the gang.   Some are also marked in dark blue, though.  Nobody seems to have been able to decipher the legend for the dark blue (or light blue/dark blue combos), but upon further inspection, I'm positive it reads "Homesteads/Rustling."   




Which, for RDR2, just makes a whole lotta sense.   These, then, would likely be ranches where the gang can cowboy up and rustle cattle (or horses, or even other livestock, like sheep or pigs) to re-brand and sell in stockyards and cattle towns.   Even though R* hasn't discussed this very much, it probably indicates that cattle rustling will become a major source of income for Dutch's gang.  It's classic cowboy fiction, so you'd definitely expect to see it in the game.  Plus, Arthur has already shown that he's pretty handy with a lariat in the game trailers, so....let's get our cowboy on.



The places listed as "Homesteads/Rustling," then:


in Roanoke Ridge:   Maclean's House

Cumberland Forest:   Clingman

Heartlands/New Hanover:   Larned Sod, Carmody Dell, Downes Ranch

Big Valley:   Painted Sky, Pronghorn Ranch

The Grizzlies:   Adler Ranch


Adler Ranch, in particular, looks interesting.  Wild speculation, but keep in mind that Sadie Adler doesn't seem to trust anyone in the gang but Arthur Morgan....is it possible that Sadie was making an honest living raising cattle before Dutch's Gang hit her place?   What if they tried to kill her, but Arthur stepped in to save her life by offering her the chance to join the gang instead?  I mean, Adler might not have any relationship to Sadie or her family at all, but you gotta suspect that ranch DOES belong to her or her kinfolk. 


Anyway, what do y'all think about rustling as a part of the game?  Would you be interested or nah?  And if it is a key part of gameplay, what do you think the mechanics of it will be? 



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Rusty James

Cattle rustling is one of the defining traits of the Old West. I hope it's a major gameplay feature, especially now that we are playing as an outlaw

Edited by Rusty James

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4 hours ago, Rusty James said:

Cattle rustling is one of the defining traits of the Old West. I hope it's a major gameplay feature, especially now that we are playing as an outlaw

Yeah, one of my favorite parts of RDR1 was when John got to cowboy up and help Bonnie Macfarlane round up some strays and cut em back into the herd.  I really hoped that we would see more of that and hoped that it would be a regular game feature in RDR, but it turned out to be a one-shot deal. 


There's so much potential here for a really exciting new element to RDR2.  Especially if we can use different strategies to approach rustling -- riding in quietly, using the cover of night and weather to slip past the outriders, or go in guns blazing and stampede a herd of longhorns off the ranch.  Branding irons could play a role in crossing out a legal brand for Dutch's own; and sloppy work of it could alert a potential buyer at the stockyard to tip off local lawmen, or the rancher who had been robbed.  Lots of storylines and gameplay possibilities here.

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Cutter De Blanc

You actually can herd cattle in Red Dead 1, it's tough to do alone, because you won't have someone in front to guide the herd. I managed to herd the pack of Buffalo all the way to Blackwater (they didn't want to go into town though)

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I actually liked the cow herding missions in RDR1, not everything needs to be violence and action

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