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Speculation: Voodoo in RDR2?

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In the info released about the RDR2 Special Edition bonuses, it was revealed that there will be Talismans and Medallions in the game which you can attach to Arthur's outfit to grant boosts and other special abilities.   The two listed were an eagle talon (increased environmental awareness) and an iguana scale (take less damage while on horseback), so there's a good chance that these talismans reflect classic beliefs and superstitions from the folklore of Native Americans, Mexicans, Creoles, and European/American settlers. 


In particular, I'm guessing that voodoo might play at least a minor role in the game.   Judging from the sheer size of the St. Denis map, we'll probably be spending a lot of time in the big city, and voodoo is likely to be as endemic to St. Denis as it is to its New Orleans counterpart.  Certainly the denizens of the bayou, Creole and Cajun, will know where to find the gris-gris and some powerful juju.   Speaking of the bayou, there's several place names on the map that derive specifically from the Haitian Creole dialect, which probably indicates a large population of freedmen and descendants of slaves in those backwaters and also inside the city itself.   Pretty sure Lenny would fit that description, and might have access to a lot of voodoo talismans himself.  


There's a caravan/hideout just north of St. Denis called Lakay, the Haitian Creole word for "Home"; further north is a settlement named "Lagras," which translates as "Grace."   I'm willing to bet that Lagras will be an instance of one of the many all-black towns that dotted the Old West, built by African-Americans exclusively for African-Americans.   It's possible that Lenny is recruited from there, if not from the heart of St. Denis.   The whole bayou itself is listed as "Bayou Nwa," which some take to be simply a misspelling of "Noir."  However, Nwa is itself yet another Haitian Creole word; it could definitely translate as "noir," black; but also as "black walnut" or "almond," trees you'd certainly expect to find in Lemoyne/Louisiana.  


There is one more instance of a place name in Haitian Creole, and that's the mysterious island/peninsula shown in the tiny inset off the main map.  In the center of that island/peninsula lies a town simply called "Le Vilaj," Haitian Creole for (you probably guessed) "village."   The role this odd little place will play in an off-map jaunt for Arthur is anybody's guess, but I'm leaning toward the possibility of this being an actual Caribbean island, with both Spanish and Haitian/French history.  Could this be part of a side quest involving some really powerful voodoo talismans, or an encounter with a Marie Laveau-styled voodoo queen, or a houngan? 

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Mirror Park Resident

A native dreamcatcher appears in trailer 1. There's also a cigarette card in the Collector's Box showing a prominent black woman, which could likely be some kind of voodoo master.


There's definitely something important going on about mystique in RDR2. 


Look at the kind of elements and different tastes can be featured here:



-A bit more of the frontier schtick (the whole motto of RDR, kinda redundant but guaranteed with the return of West Elizabeth). Mexican bandidos are confirmed anyway.

-American Heartlands culture.

-Rocky Mountains gold rush culture.

-Appalachians/13 Colonies old US culture.

-Native cultures.

-Creole culture.

-European immigration, especially Italian mafia.

-Caribbean piracy. 



If they manage to put all of this together properly and balance it, this is gonna be E-P-I-C. I mean, what else can be left? A mini-campaign map around British Columbia-Alaska with eskimos and whale hunters? That's enough material for a brand new game. Maybe in the future😉



Edited by Fluffy Sock
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