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Je n'ai pas de nom

(PS4) Random Event glitch


Je n'ai pas de nom



So I have accomplished 50 random events and just did 2 more random events, Ursula and Hitch Lift 3 (the one in Grapeseed)


I visited Rockstar Social Club later on and checked out my checklist, all 2 were still locked. I tried playing a mission later on, (Mr. Richards) and went back to Social Club and checked that the mission I just did was completed, but the last 2 random events weren't.


Was I doing something wrong, or just a bug?


(sorry for my bad English, I speak French)


EDIT: I also completed Security Van 2 but unlike others, it showed me that I passed that mission. However, thats not the case.


I did returned Ursula to her house, and sended the third hitch girl to the altruist which triggers the shootout scene,  and didn't showed me I passed in the checklist. Is there a way to repeat these events or I'll have to start all over?



EDIT AGAIN (SORRY): I managed to replay the Car Theft 1, apparently I shouldn't have ran over the girl by accident, woops


Edited by Je n'ai pas de nom
I found out one of the problems

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2 answers to this question

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Je n'ai pas de nom



I managed to play with a different character to complete the Hitch Lift 3. It's strange how I previously sended her to the altruist camp and didn't passed that. I sended the Runaway Bride, and the Drunk driver 2 there, and still passed. Now that the solution has passed, I think you should lock this topic now. I'm gonna go now, au revoir.

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Je n'ai pas de nom

I think I find out the Ursula problem. Since I got her contact early before the random event, the mission won't pass until the game says "New Contact: Ursula". So I'll play as Franklin. Otherwise, I'll try to play the other characters for Hitch Lift 3.


EDIT: Now that I've figured out the 2 event problems, Now I'll focus on the Hitch Lift 3 issue. Sorry for so much edits, s'il vous plaît, pardonnez-moi!



Edited by Je n'ai pas de nom
It was!! :)

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