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The GTAO High Quality ™ Thread


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R* give us a Newswire alreadyeFf6RfX.gif

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41 minutes ago, Remapped said:


Poor squirrel lost his nuts :( Now he'll go hungry during winter.

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On 7/4/2018 at 11:45 AM, SirWillC said:

I’m gonna love this thread!


My female character




Other players



This was done ages ago, don't recall who it was (might've been one of the PBMO guys, definitely from when I was in Vans). Props to them. 

Had time to waste so I made these horrible memes. You know they're good cause you can see the pixels in them. Imgflip is awesome, amirite.







I'm gonna be a dickwad and say this thread should be memes, mostly. Reaction gifs have their own thread.

Edited by livejoker
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we asking rockstar for crunchy information for the next deh el see hihihi

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Be me, browsing the forums.


Receive YouTube upload notification.


Is it trailer? 






Nope, just Nicholas Cage. 

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Huh? Where's everybody at?

Time for Lucy's Whimerick (Limerick-on-a-whim) then:


A thread once got aggravated

'pon a D.L.C. being belated:

Lonely trailer squeezed dry,

Too few leaks to go by,

poor Mods were left alienated…

Edited by Guest
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