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Best heist payouts (Singleplayer)


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Hello, today I will be giving tips for the max payout for each heist. 

Heist #1: The Jewel Store Job: 

Just before "Casing The Jewel Store" complete the random event with Packie McReary (located at the pharmacy near Aunt Denise's house.) 

Choose Packie McReary as it's cheaper to pay a good gunner 12% than to pay for the sh*tty gunner's funeral. Choose Karim Denz as the driver for 8%, and make sure you get the call from Rickie Lukenz before the scouting mission. Use Rickie as your hacker for 4%. Choose the Loud option, because it's quicker to execute and Michael unlocks his suit used in this mission. Once in the store during the heist, move quickly and start in the center of the store as the jewelry there is more valuable. Karim will drop jewels, but you should be able to beat him to the center. If all goes well, the take should equal around $4,668,000, scoring Michael around $2,190,000 and Franklin $233,000. After you complete Mr. Philips and unlock Trevor, drive to Paleto Bay along the Eastern Highway, and along the way you'll see Talianna Martienz crashed on the road. Pick her up as she's cheap and a good driver, and take her home. (You MUST have unlocked Trevor or Talianna's event won't happen.) 

Heist #2: The Merrywether Heist: 

You don't get paid for this, but, pick offshore. You will need to do an extra setup, but you'll get a free submarine at Trevor's airstrip from now on. 

Heist #3: Blitz Play: 

No tips available. 

Heist #4: The Paleto Score: 

Use Norm Richards as he's 7% and he will die. 

Heist #5: The Bureau Raid: 

Pick the nigh stealth option, as no setups are required, but Michael and Franklin will loose a lot of Assault Rifle (category) bullets, as they're scripted to only have 210 rounds for their Carbine Rifles during the mission. Use Daryl Johns as the gunner (6%), Talianna Martienz as the driver (5%) and Rickie Lukenz as the hacker (4%). 

Heist #6: The Big Score: 

You've made it. Let's rob the f*cking Union Depository! Pick the Obvious option, as it requires less crew members and less setups. For gunner 1, use Hugh Welsh (7%), he'll be with Franklin an does nothing but load the gold. Gunner 2 will be Daryl Johns (6%) again. He'll have experience from the FIB heist, and he'll be helping Mike and Frank fight the FIB. Driver 1 will be Talianna Martienz, as she's good and has experience from the FIB heist, and she will be flying one of the choppers with half the damn gold. Make sure Lester can take out the Buzzards quickly, or you're f*cked cause you're loosing half the metal and paying for Talianna's funeral. Karim will be driver 2 (8%) cause he can be America's sh*ttiest driver and still drive that train! 

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Curiuos about your numbers for the jewelry heist..is the amount for Michael before or after the money deducted to repair the damage done by Michael and Franklin to Mardrazo's home?  Thanks for the tip about Packie!

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On 8/23/2018 at 7:38 AM, Icanhandlerejection said:

Curiuos about your numbers for the jewelry heist..is the amount for Michael before or after the money deducted to repair the damage done by Michael and Franklin to Mardrazo's home?  Thanks for the tip about Packie!

I'm pretty sure it's before


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