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Why do people hate on GTA 5 ?

Does GTA 5 really deserve the hate ?  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you Hate GTA 5 ?

    • Yes
    • No

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Because is boring.

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If there is really one thing I hated about V was that the lack of food options or just having snacks to replenish. It was neat going into Burger Shot, Clucking Bell, etc... and getting food from there from SA and 4.

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I have about 70 hours in singleplayer and yes I tend to start hate this game.

Everybody takes everything serious, there are zero activities that I like to restart.Everybody is hostile, likes to taunt(Jesus, first rule in real world is be quiet and keep things for myself.Why I need hear ten times in minute that I smell when I play as Trevor, Im not shocked that he goes to rampages on daily basis), even golden retriever will kill you on sight...

Story is truly awful, cliche and deus ex machina ridden. Mechanics are clunky, not polished.

Where is kindly satire of 3D games?Remember old San Andreas cops have funny quotes that makes you smile even after these years.

What we got in GTA V?Quotes like imbred dickwad, killing makes mi di*k hard and another strong unnecessary quotes.

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Posted (edited)

The map is undeniably lifeless. The same type of people spawn standing in the same places at the same times of the day. The radio stations always play songs in the same order despite variations in commercials and announcements. Gang members always insult me the second I arrive. Some people are rigged to barely have any health and they always spawn in the same places. If you point a gun at someone, the whole place is evacuated even if nobody could have seen it. The police never anywhere in traffic except for near the only enterable police station. When entering Fort Zancudo by air, you explode the second you enter because of a fighter jet that spawns. Anybody who is killed in Fort Zancudo respawns without any reasonable delay. In the prison, there is a police car that is basically the Ghost Guard from SA. It doesn't just respawn when you look away. The cops in the glitched police car even act as if nothing. Random Events and similar activities are nothing but tiny scripted missions and are not really random, eliminating any claims from V fans about it bringing any life. Cops and Marines are nothing but a combination of hackers and squeakers minus the irritating voices. People insult you or even attack you for no reason. When scared, regardless of the cause, people try to ram your car, chase you, and run you over instead of properly escaping. If one armed trucker is firing at you, all truckers will also open fire. Conversations between people are no different than those between CJ and his girlfriends, which are just two phrases randomly put together. Pedestrians never seem to have anything other than just two voice lines per situation and emotion. This can be seen on Director Mode. If scared, men who work in banks seem to only say one thing other than "I don't want to die". Phone calls are the same stories over and over again. People never have any proper transitions between behaviors.

San Andreas State or Los Santos State? It triggers me to even ask.


By the way, after playing Watch Dogs 2, it seems that even Ubisoft has far less glitches and greed than Rockstar.


Also, if you want to see how an HD Universe game is like with the gameplay of 3D Universe games, you should play GTA CW. You should consider comparing it to V in terms of gameplay.

Edited by Male01

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Posted (edited)



I haven't played anything but GTA V yet, and I know your main point was about food, but the fact that the world is incredibly detailed and realistic--like a Hollywood backlot--is disappointing to me. Beautiful facades. In any game, whether open-world or just RPG, exploring interiors is something I enjoy. Considering the XBox 360 design constraints, this is forgivable, but I don't agree with those who think interiors are a completely unrealistic design goal in general.


Let me put it this way: An expansion consisting of 20% opened interiors with mission content to match would be something I would have paid $20 for. It would have required the tiniest fraction of the resources it took to make the game, and generate a nice profit even if only 5% of players purchased it. Unfortunately, not as nice as les cartes de requin.

Edited by Dryspace

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Posted (edited)

I hated how they treated the modding community, simple and sweet.

Considering how much the community is active with GTA games especially GTA SA, it feels like they've completely told modders to f*ck off and eat their shark cards.


On a side note, I hate how they said they were gonna do single player DLC of some form, not even guaranteed stories like GTA IV but something.. then said "Nah, f*ck you."




I loved GTA as an kid, I still do but I love GTA IV and the ones before.. I won't be buying their games anymore and that goes for RDR2 considering this is their new tactic in gaining fans. I'll just go back to GTA SA and yes I know its about hating GTA V but their actions have made me hate it. Its so barren and lifeless its retarded, I just played Yakuza 0.. never touched one in all my life and I love how small it is.. why? Cause it makes everything more lively, tons of things to do and I sunk in 90 hours doing most of it. I can sacrifice big maps if I can do more in open world games.

Edited by esreveR
apparently I'm telling modders to f*ck off.. not Rockstar

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the story sucks, the characters are unlikeable and once you beat the game there is nothing interesting to do. but i mostly hate it for how overrated it is (outside this site).

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GTAV has better gameplay, graphics But IV had way better story, driving/damage was much more realistic, fighting were better than V.

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Eh, Grand Theft Auto V is alright. But I prefer IV. I go back to Grand Theft Auto IV almost yearly for the story. I absolutely love the characters in IV and the gritty realisticness of the city. 

My main problem with Grand Theft Auto V are the characters. Michael is good, Trevor is also alright, but they could've done without Franklin. I have no idea why Franklin is there in the first place, the story could've been better if he wasn't there. I'm not even going to talk about Grand Theft Auto Online because I have a love/hate relationship with it. All I do in Online is play heists and missions with randoms to get enough money to buy a new motorcycle. The whole business part of it is extremely boring imo. I regret buying an MC and the cocaine factory. Wished they'd make more missions like the heists and the Lamar missions instead of the boring, grindy businesses that do little to keep me entertained. 

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I don't hate it, I just don't prefer it over GTA 4 or SA. For some reason, GTA V didn't feel like I was playing GTA for me, lots of things in the HUD have been changed, the three protagonists, etc. It felt like I'm playing a really good GTA ripoff.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

I don't hate it, but it was a huge disappointment compared to GTA IV, and even to some previous titles. And yeah, it's really overrated.


These are the major reasons that made GTA V a bad successor for GTA IV:

  • Weakly developed characters, especially the protagonists and the antagonists. (a relatable protagonist and a memorable antagonist is better than weakly developed protagonists and antagonists. Michael was fine, but still not as well developed as the most of the previous protagonists.)
  • Messed up story.
  • Watered down euphoria.
  • Terrible fighting mechanics.
  • Arcadish driving mechanics.
  • Aggressive A.I.
  • GTA Online. (don't even get me started with that.)
Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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V is terrible to a point where GTAForums reflects it without any need to even open a thread. Despite Online being listed as a separate forum on the top, users post Online stuff on the V forums. Second of all, this thread that was made a few months ago is bigger and more active than the pinned appreciation thread made over a year ago. The Whine and Complain Thread is bigger than the list of things V supposedly did better than IV (whose arguments are pretty much less than nothing). There is also a Returning Player Bonus Wiki, a thread dedicated to exclusive content. It wouldn't matter if those players got some free sales as the bonus. The problem is that they are among the only people who can have certain things offline. Exclusive means that not everyone can have everything, which is something you could do in previous games.

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