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Mijhan MC

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Not sure how well this will work but...going to try it anyway. May even end up getting told this is the wrong section, but I am posting about an EVENT I would like to hold to boost recruitment for my MC and three other leaders/presidents or representatives of three other crews or MC. The only stipulation I will put on that is it will be crew leaders, MC Pres to representatives of a crew or MC that have less than 20 members. This is an event to raise numbers for smaller crews and MCs.


   My gamer tag is xXxMurderDogxXx on Xbox1. Leaders and Pres only of crews or MCs with less than 20 members can message me on Xbox1 or here to let me know you would like to attend. I'll be doing these sessions on Saturdays and/or Sundays. I will message time details to those leaders who have let me know they are interested. To keep it peaceful, I would ask that the representative of the other crews or MCs compose a list of players they would like to invite to the event. Then, once you spawn into the private lobby I set up for this, invite the players you have on your list, please limit it to four each do to lobby count restrictions and so that we all can get at least four prospects each in the lobby. Once your prospect has joined the lobby, send them an invite to your apartment, and conduct talks there. Do missions or what not with your prospects if you like. Please be in party chat with your prospects so that we are able to talk without trying to do so over each other. These sessions will be two to three hours long. 


  If anyone would be interested, and if you are a leader, message me here or on Xbox. If you are a member of a crew/MC and think your leader would be interested, have them message me.


   I'm hoping this will help Mijhan MC as well as other small crews grow and possibly build inter crew relations with those who attend.

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