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Rockstar /Twitter Message Appearing On-Screen

Lance Mayhem

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Lance Mayhem

Hey, all. 


A few weeks ago, I created a new profile / user on PS3, and started a new character in GTA Online. 


All went normally until tonight, when a recurring  message started appearing in a black box just above the mini-map while in a solo session. 


I'll try posting a photo of it here:





In case the pic is not visible to you, it reads:


Rockstar Message:

Hi Rockstar

Games : D

Love your





The part that says Rockstar Message is in white font, while the rest is in a lager, yellow font. The strange formatting / line-breaks in my typed mockup reflects where the lines break when I see the message. All of the text is much larger than the 'xX_KülDüd_Xx is online' type of notifications we're all used to. 


This message has appeared on-screen for a few seconds several times in the last few hours, and I can't seem to find it in any of the game's or the system's inboxes, that I could tell. 


How do I make it stop?



Edited by Lance Mayhem
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Most likely these are modders' pranks. They did the same with GTA 6 preorder not a while ago.
Im not sure how can you stop this whatsoever.

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Lance Mayhem



I've never had this show up in the years I've had my other 2 profiles / 4 characters. Thought it might have something to do with it being a newly-created account. 

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Nah, you're good. These started to pop up maybe a week or two ago. Expect more to appear and try to ignore them, who knows if someone would try to scam people in any way.

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Yeah, don't know what the hell people were thinking with the "pre-order GTA VI" message... the website link they gave was literally Rockstar Games' main website address... which just means they would've had more publicity. 


Nice one modders, you did well there. 🤔 

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Lance Mayhem

Not only that, but it's going out to PS3 folks like me. I doubt this platform will support VI. 

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