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Colors & Paintjob Selector a Virus? (SOLVED)

Pranjit Das

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Pranjit Das

Hello everyone, this is my first post on gtaforum.com so it is not so better but I tried my best! 


So here's my problem, a few months ago I was downloaded Colors & Paintjob Selector mod for GTA San Andreas from the link below:




I downloaded the mod and extracted everything to my GTA SA/CLEO folder, I put the .cs file into CLEO and .fxt file into CLEO_TEXT.


It works perfectly fine in-game, no errors no bugs 100% working! I recently uploaded the mod to VirusTotal.com for scanning, and it detected the mod as a virus!


When I click on "Analysis" option in VirusTotal, it says that the .cs file has a virus called "Trojan_Dropper" or something. When I scanned the same mod in my PC, no threats was found. But every time I scanned the mod in VirusTotal, I get the virus warning again! No matter how many times I did it, I get that stupid virus warning everytime!


So now here's my question, the mod is really harmful or its just a false positive message? Look the detection rate was only 1/59, and VirusTotal didn't explained whether the mod is really harmful or not.


Please help me, I don't want to uninstall the mod because I have some modded cars in my SA which use 3 to 4 colours, but the in-game tuning shop only support 1 to 2 colours.


But look, I also don't want to infect my PC with virus, thanks in advance!


Please post reply as quick as possible, thanks again!

Edited by Pranjit Das
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you have a fake antivirus I hear first
some mod from this site had a virus because this mod
there is no executable file

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Another GTA Fan

You used an online virus scanner? Well... don't trust that sh*t. Some sites pretend you have a virus and tell you to start downloading crap to 'fix' the so called virus, when instead the site that warns you of such threats is the actual place that gives you the virus, so don't trust it for sh*t. If your PC's AV is saying it's fine (And best to check it with Windows Defender), then it's fine.

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Pranjit Das

Thank you so much to all who replied my question! And yes, my PC's Antivirus (Windows Defender) classified it as safe. I gave the same mod to my friend and his PC's Antivirus also say its safe, just VirusTotal say its malicious.


It mean, that VirusTotal is actually a virus? So it detected a safe mod as malicious? Thank you so much again, I hope you guys help me every time when I'm in any trouble.


Thank you so much, I will post new replies later, thanks a lot!

Edited by Pranjit Das
I mistakenly wrote "Thank so much" instead of "Thank you so much "
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