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Is fishing confirmed


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I don't believe it's been officially confirmed.  Fingers crossed...I'd love a fleshed out fishing side activity.

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From this thread


A full translation of the German GamePro.de article courtesy of @Xayah



Next to the traditional main and side quests, the care of the gang is also in the foreground, which leads to Arthur going on exploring tours for money, items and natural produce in the surroundings. Rob Nelson says to this: "To make the story credible and realistic, you have to believe that you live with the gang". To see your colleagues only in side quests and apart from that travel alone in the world would be damaging to the story, that's why Arthur can interact with anyone in the camp. Sometimes smaller activities like fishing or robbing with your gang members happen as an result.

It was so briefly mentioned tho' I have no clue if Rockstar said this during the demo or if the journalist just speculated, and how much of this could be lost in translation anyway?


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I may or may not have been smoking crack at the time, but I distinctly recall IGN mentioning that fishing would include different kinds of bait, including worms.

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Unfiltered Marston

You were definitely smoking crack my friend . However a gaming site, Trusted Reviews leaked a document that they apparently received last August stating this claim.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The last I heard on YouTube and such is fishing was close to being cut out. But we shall see I don't know why swimming would be in the game if fishing was cut.

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That leak suggests that fishing is close to being cut content. I sure hope it makes it into the final build of the game!

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I really I hope it does make it in.  I just hope it isn't some lame half-assed quick-time event mini-game.

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I wanna bag the biggest paddlefish sturgeon in Montana

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The Time Ranger

I'm gonna fish with dynamite.

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