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What I'd like to see with GTAVI


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Here goes...Six should introduce an interactive airport. Let us actually travel from SA to Liberty City, North Yankton, Vice City, Alderney and the new map for GTAVI.

 At the beginning of online, during you're character creation, you select your home state between the six maps. On that map you get your four properties, yacht, and all the things that come with the CEO, Gunrunner, MC, and Smugglers buildings. This is the center of it all. Then on each of the other maps you get to own a safe house and a wharehouse that you can use for business deals to purchase supplies for your Enterprise back home. To travel from one state to the other, use a personal jet to fly from one to the next via a quick gps selection menu take off from the air port fly in the direction of the beacon and then at some point it goes to cut seen, shows you leaving San Andreas, then coming into the skies of Liberty City for example, you regain control and land it at the airport or private strip. This would allow crews and MC's to majorly grow and create a huge Enterprise. 


  Next, the creator. It would be nice to set up a lobby where you are able to set the sponsering crew or club, weapons rules, the amount of hours or days the lobby remains open as one to be selected to join in the start menu, like a link for event lobbies. These events could range from car shows, bike rallies, monster truck events...etc. 


  Next, mini games. We have darts, tennis, a 9 hole golf course and shooting competitions, cool. So now add...pool, an 18 hole course on the new map, basket ball. And maybe even give each state a pro football and baseball league for sporting events you can attend with friends. Open the casinos on all maps. 


 Last but not least, remove the code for 300-500 AIs so there is more server memory to be able to expand the player per lobby to 50 or 100 people. Not only would it create more huge opportunities for crews and clubs, but it would cut down on the number of active servers needed to host the number of players world wide, and could save Rockstar a bundle for more game development to go past GTA VI so that the series can continue.


  That's all I got.

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We have a GTA Next section for everything to do with the next GTA, including an Official GTA Next Wishlist thread for stuff like this :santa:




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