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The Battle Never Ends

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Posted (edited)



Topic recreated because of the forums new update.








Kyle, a man full of crime. His soul represents the serial killers. But his best friend Frank has a knowledge too, Kyle in the later years has learned a lot of things from him. Now it's time to Kyle to move and push towards back to Los Santos, sent by the unknown corrupt cop to Angel Pine, now Kyle has to take himself back to Los Santos and pass two major cities, San Fierro and Las Venturas. When in San Fierro, the local elections will be hold in there. Kyle and his crew are going to kidnap the mayor of San Fierro, Tyler Franks.


More the missions go, more the story is updated.




The most-known guy as a serial-killer, but hasn't been called that since Thomas gave him the name. A 26 year old kid.



A man who's selling guns and owns a gun shop in Angel Pine, he's shy and sometimes aggressive. His best friend is currently Kyle.



Known as Uncle Thomas in-game. He always wears his pink shirt.



He dies right in the beginning of the mission-pack. But he faked his death. He is a leader of his "unknown mafia".



Tyler won the local elections in San Fierro as the official mayor. Peter, Thomas and Kyle wants him dead.


More the missions go, more characters appear.



The Battle Never Ends - Intro



The Battle Never Ends - A boxing match



The Battle Never Ends - One explosion to another



The Battle Never Ends - Political issues



The Battle Never Ends - Political issues (2)



The Battle Never Ends - Kidnapping



The more missions will appear soon.




purevil101: For creating the amazing logos

DiGiTa_: For creating the amazing logos

PatrickW: Designing DYOM modification

Dutchy3010: Designing DYOM modification

VenomDYOM: For designing this mission-pack



Here are some more logos created by purevil101 and DiGiTa_:










Edited by VenomDYOM

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I saw this name somewhere, forgot where... Anyway, nice  and the spoiler logos are funny

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Nuddle King

Gonna play it when I finish some of my missions.

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Choose your favorite option, and rating! Don't forget to vote when the poll closes down!

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gonna play it bro. :)


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