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New game: Top down city


Recommended Posts

I've been working on this for ages, but recently i found some time to resurrect it and get it up to some useable standards. 


My own game.. Top down city! 


Youtube channel with some videos: 



Here's a really basic video that shows internet multiplayer (really basic) 



I hope that this appeals the classics gta community, and hopefully gives you something to chew in the future, because while similar in appearace there's simply no comparing gta1/gta2 engines to this. 

- Full physics engine - meaning all map block shapes behave correctly as you would expect, no strange behaviors of being stuck on partial blocks, engine also has and supports trucks with trailers. 
- No limit on sprite dimensions: delta sets will be probably scrapped in the future, but for now you can have any texture resolution for map tiles, objects, and vehicles, game looks great in high resolution. 
- Graphics: map shadows,sprite shadows, modern particle system.
- Client/server Networking - Not gta tick based sync which limits amout of max players and causes severe lag
- Editors: All editors will be released with the game once it's complete (texture packs, maps, vehicle deltas), if anyone wants to try, i will make a pre-release and can get your hands on some tools, but they are already shown how they work in youtube channel. 
- No real limit or penalty on amout of different vehicle, object, particle types that can be added, even map can be resized (the only limit is in amout of possible map tile textures - 4096 tiles max). 


Still in progress: scripting (integrating a modern javascript scripting engine) and more AI - police forces - once this is done, most of main tasks in engine are complete. 


I hope to have some helps from you guys, i'm welcoming if anyone wishes to join the project - map makers, ideas, story for single player.. i need help to make this happen.
And of course I will need testers, a lot of testing, i hope to make some pre-releases where we could also do a massive online test with more than just a few players. 


I've been doing sa-mp for past 10 years and top down city intermittently, but now that i quit sa-mp i have time to return back to my classical roots  
This is happening, the game will be made complete hopefully this or next year. 


Edited by JernejL
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You could import gta maps and vehicles if you wanted with a suitable converter, it would be even possible to import multiple maps into one map as top down city supports any size maps without any hard limits

But the goal is to make a standalone game without any gta content with good file formats to have it as much future-proof as possible (high resolution sprites, massively extendable engine). 


But that's just the technical part, the main goal of the project is to have a really fun and competitive multiplayer and a really fast "pipeline" where anyone can very quickly create new maps, weapons and vehicles to buiild a online world. 


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  • 4 weeks later...

Looking nice so far.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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On 7/21/2018 at 9:53 AM, spaceeinstein said:

Looking nice so far.

Thanks, i've posted some more updates on youtube, i'm making progress :) 


Also: long time no see, good to see some oldie people still around (it's a me - delfi ) 


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  • 1 month later...

Progress was good in past few weeks, i've added automatic damage modelling / deformations for vehicle collisions, fixed a dozen behaviors / internal problems in stuff like static map objects. 
I've also upgraded tools, and finally made the vehicle sprite editor not crash randomly, making it pretty stable, map editor still needs more work but is also good enough for now. 
A good new feature is working multiple seats on motorbikes, meaning 2 players can actually sit on motorbike, one driver and one passenger (nothing will not stop anyone making a 20-seats long motorbike). 
AI traffic and police ai had some minor updates and fixes aswell. 
I'm still working tirelessly on network synchronization of particles / bullets which is needed to release a working alpha version of the game, this needs to work first :)
Here's a video of automatic damage modelling in action: 


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  • 2 months later...
  • 3 months later...

Nah man, its very good. I want this question


If you made the this game you can import this game into to Thailand to avoid Steam's banned games?

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 2/26/2019 at 6:20 PM, AliceTG said:

Do you have a discord server? I'd love to follow your work from there. I'm really interested in this.


YUP, we have a discord server, everybody is welcome to join it: https://discord.gg/UXmDPzS - join #bridge channel


On 3/1/2019 at 11:07 AM, Ingramsl said:

Nah man, its very good. I want this question


If you made the this game you can import this game into to Thailand to avoid Steam's banned games?


This is not using any code or assets from gta, so i can sell this game if i chose in any way, is steam banned in thailand? 


Here's a very new video, the game has a lot of object interactivity and i put in a lot of new map objects. 



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On 3/13/2019 at 2:14 AM, JernejL said:


YUP, we have a discord server, everybody is welcome to join it: https://discord.gg/UXmDPzS - join #bridge channel



This is not using any code or assets from gta, so i can sell this game if i chose in any way, is steam banned in thailand? 


Here's a very new video, the game has a lot of object interactivity and i put in a lot of new map objects. 



Yes, The GTA Games is banned since GTA 1 to EFLC but except GTA V is only available in Thailand.

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Haha! Looks really quite impressive. But, about the screen space, instead of showing behind and in front of your vehicle 50/50, it would surely be more practical to have it like 70/30, so that whatever is coming up in front of you is more visible. You get me? Kudos though anyway!#


**edit: ive just checked your youtube videos and it seems youve kinda done that already. nice one!

Edited by tizerist
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  • 10 months later...
  • 5 months later...
On 1/26/2020 at 3:37 PM, JernejL said:

I got a update for this! i released a new demo - it is now much more refined, and is much more closer to a proper release: 


Here is a offical 2020 demo: 



Give this a try, and report how the game works and if you find any issues. 


I've been playing this and happy to keep testing. I love the movement of the vehicles. I encountered no major problems on my first little play of it,

other than the cops do not seem to arrest you quick enough when pulling you from a vehicle, resulting in a sort of competition between you and the cop

and getting in and out of the car.


I at one point saw a pedestrian stuck inside the corner of a building around 3/4 layers up just clipping with the walls. other than that this looks smooth,

and feels very much like the original GTA experience. Very well done. I love the idea that you are making this game open to mod too, keeping with the GTA

philosophy that is too. I would consider a more stylized HUD in terms of weapons at the bottom instead of their game models (or close to) being displayed.

I'm sure you're already thinking about that though and this is just because of the test enviroment but overall this is awesome.

One other thing... the lights 'spread' on the police cars could be a little bigger, but also could do with being slightly more transparent.

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  • 4 months later...

Hello everyone! 


I can give an update of this finally, i've added lighting and this changes the game atmosphere greatly: 






A short (older) video showing off some of lighting: 


Download for of this new version is availible here: 



We also have a discord channel! 



And here are all the changes from january when i last time posted, hopefully this shows that this is a stable and progressing project :) 



    A lot of reworking in the map renderer, now supports more than 1 quad per block face, various optimizations, tweaks, simplifications and corrections, as consequences more complex map cube shapes were added such as rounded and additional other irregular pieces
    Added feature: jumping over objects and cars (except the big ones)
    Additional debug view mode in map editor (see-thru topmost tiles to see errors)
    AI Threat tracking now supports multiple targets and picks one based on health (in future based on some priority.. )
    Audio sources on actors are now bound there, so that doppler works properly on footsteps
    Avoiding / running away brave sir robin scared logic
    Cars: support tyre oiling, this makes oil slicks work
    Fixed actors sinking occasional crash
    Fixed additional issue with touching objects
    Fixed findfriendlyZ and related actor traffic generation bugs
    Fixed graphical look when actors sink
    Fixed networking particles crash
    Fixed nonsense jump bugs hurting you when touching cars / objects
    Fixed the stuck-falling bug when going around objects
    Fixed traffic for singleplayer games
    Improved AI for wandering, fixed issues with traffic & pedestrians generation
    Improved audio: fixed audio lost crash bugs and improved audio effect gain levels for crash sounds
    Improved info boxes - corrected buttons
    Improved vehicle snap logic on longer vehicles, looks better, feels better and is a better approach (uses vehicle length and max velocity to know when snapping is appropriate)
    Improvements to ground detection functions for actors
    Improvements to handle landmine / ground placed particles, support for active and passive breaking of particles based on proximity
    IsUnderGround improvement: diagonals and irregular blocks are now properly checked so it no longer triggers underground mode when near building edges
    Map editor got some fixes aswell, plus a big upgrade to block shapes editor
    Maps now support version formats and editor will correctly open older maps from now on
    Particles now support collide sound
    Removed self-inflicted damage calling police on you
    Reworked map surface parameters, now it's a distinct parameter for where pedestrians spawn, and the surface type is determined per tile option as set in editor
    Some audio fixes and improvements
    Sorted out walking on slopes under angles (more or less)
    Triggers are again support in scripting
    Underground view improvements, fadein+fadeout effect

    Improved driving AI
    New, shadow mapping projected realtime shadows
    Fixes to audio footstep effects for some surfaces
    Fixes to nametag rendering, network sync fixes (glitches, crashes, missing updates)
    Unified map, sprite shaders

    Fixed Nvidia cards not rendering shadows properly.
    Network optimization: no syncing of passenger and vehicle actors when they are not needed
    Network fixes: packet length varies based on data that needs to be synced.
    Big AI improvements, more behaviors, less glitches
    conveyor belts: implemeted for all sorts of objects properly, this still needs to be added to map
    camera now properly moves up and down with your character's height / altitude
    further improvements to AI behaviors:
    - Police AI greately updated and improved
    - Pedestrian fight & threat reaction logic is also improved
    - Enchanched shake effect (adds some roll to camera)
    fixed map area zones
    fixed particle damage not being correctly attributed to shooter
    pickup sound effect
    Improved tank drive-over logic, sparks and excessive damage are fixed, drive-over tracked vehicled only apply damage when moving fast enough
    greatly improved stuck & obstacle checking, which improves traffic a lot
    improved logic: back off if obstacle not moving, this fixes a lot of traffic deadlocks.
    improvements to enter/exit logic - improved code, ability to cancel car exitting
    Added mobile phone pickup
    Moved traffic functions to javascript
    fixed CRC calculation for newton map collision files, now cache properly works - detects version, game loads faster.
    Speeded up speed of rendering
    Fixed a lot of memory leaks
    Usual bunch of crash fixes
    Fixed issues with pickup crates
    Improvements to how traffic generation works
    Optimized texture usage for cars
    Corrected and improved GUI design
    Networking: Segmented area syncing, improved / automatic idling, improved / reduced networking traffic
    New debug menu (F3) with all the existing F-key options
    Ability to reload mission script on the fly (F3), this works also in networking mode
    Fixed network sync glitches (animations and vehicle actors suddendly appearing in the car shape, causing issues)
    Display packet sizes in network players menu
    Fixed offscreen arrows for players
    Improvement to performance chart (F4) visualization / rendering
    Shaders: Toggleable bicubic option, Changeable shadow quality, support for sunk effect on underwater cars
    Fixed audio volume control for ambient audio
    improved AI behaviors, added ARMY
    Improved memory management
    Improved car enter / exit actor positioning and animation logic
    Cars: they now burn for 5 seconds before they explode
    Fixed debug newton map option not rendering unless other options were on aswell

    Added engine ignition sounds and effect for vehicles that were not yet driven.
    LIGHTS and night mode! lights are cast from vehicle headlights, siren lights, car braking lights. 
    Lights are also added to particle effects like fire, explosions.
    Improved logic for vehicle turrets, ability for AI to use vehicle turrets.
    Implemented AI for firemen and medics
    Initial work started on friendly fire / AI groups
    multi-script support improved, support for more than 1 global object injector
    improvement of weapons and particles system, so that multiple parameters can be specified for sounds, breakage and other parameters
    tracking max health of vehicles for correct health bar display
    corrections in weapon struct field names
    ability for particles to speed up into movement direction
    fixed raycasts being counted in performance graph when not in main thread.
    changes to traffic generation, how emergency vehicles are specified per level
    Improvement to car driving AI - pathfinding and more intelligence.
    nvidia rendering driver fix
    prepared stuff for multitextured map
    more debug options
    fixed a few crashes
    fixed some audio issues


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