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New game: Top down city

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Posted (edited)

I've been working on this for ages, but recently i found some time to resurrect it and get it up to some useable standards. 


My own game.. Top down city! 


Youtube channel with some videos: 



Here's a really basic video that shows internet multiplayer (really basic) 



I hope that this appeals the classics gta community, and hopefully gives you something to chew in the future, because while similar in appearace there's simply no comparing gta1/gta2 engines to this. 

- Full physics engine - meaning all map block shapes behave correctly as you would expect, no strange behaviors of being stuck on partial blocks, engine also has and supports trucks with trailers. 
- No limit on sprite dimensions: delta sets will be probably scrapped in the future, but for now you can have any texture resolution for map tiles, objects, and vehicles, game looks great in high resolution. 
- Graphics: map shadows,sprite shadows, modern particle system.
- Client/server Networking - Not gta tick based sync which limits amout of max players and causes severe lag
- Editors: All editors will be released with the game once it's complete (texture packs, maps, vehicle deltas), if anyone wants to try, i will make a pre-release and can get your hands on some tools, but they are already shown how they work in youtube channel. 
- No real limit or penalty on amout of different vehicle, object, particle types that can be added, even map can be resized (the only limit is in amout of possible map tile textures - 4096 tiles max). 


Still in progress: scripting (integrating a modern javascript scripting engine) and more AI - police forces - once this is done, most of main tasks in engine are complete. 


I hope to have some helps from you guys, i'm welcoming if anyone wishes to join the project - map makers, ideas, story for single player.. i need help to make this happen.
And of course I will need testers, a lot of testing, i hope to make some pre-releases where we could also do a massive online test with more than just a few players. 


I've been doing sa-mp for past 10 years and top down city intermittently, but now that i quit sa-mp i have time to return back to my classical roots  
This is happening, the game will be made complete hopefully this or next year. 


Edited by JernejL

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Posted (edited)

Looks nice. 😛 Does this support GTA1/GTA2 contents or is all content made for this only?

Edited by BBBean

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You could import gta maps and vehicles if you wanted with a suitable converter, it would be even possible to import multiple maps into one map as top down city supports any size maps without any hard limits

But the goal is to make a standalone game without any gta content with good file formats to have it as much future-proof as possible (high resolution sprites, massively extendable engine). 


But that's just the technical part, the main goal of the project is to have a really fun and competitive multiplayer and a really fast "pipeline" where anyone can very quickly create new maps, weapons and vehicles to buiild a online world. 


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Posted (edited)

Looking nice so far.

Edited by spaceeinstein

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On 7/21/2018 at 9:53 AM, spaceeinstein said:

Looking nice so far.

Thanks, i've posted some more updates on youtube, i'm making progress :) 


Also: long time no see, good to see some oldie people still around (it's a me - delfi ) 


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Progress was good in past few weeks, i've added automatic damage modelling / deformations for vehicle collisions, fixed a dozen behaviors / internal problems in stuff like static map objects. 
I've also upgraded tools, and finally made the vehicle sprite editor not crash randomly, making it pretty stable, map editor still needs more work but is also good enough for now. 
A good new feature is working multiple seats on motorbikes, meaning 2 players can actually sit on motorbike, one driver and one passenger (nothing will not stop anyone making a 20-seats long motorbike). 
AI traffic and police ai had some minor updates and fixes aswell. 
I'm still working tirelessly on network synchronization of particles / bullets which is needed to release a working alpha version of the game, this needs to work first :)
Here's a video of automatic damage modelling in action: 


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Reyiz Kovan

It's really cool to see someone makin his own game.

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