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Cowboys & Indians

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My heroes have always been cowboys

And they still are, it seems

Sadly in search of and one step in back of

Themselves and their slow-moving dreams

-Willie Nelson


Who here remembers being a little kid and playing those childhood games of imagination? I know I certainly do.


I remember being a kid back in the late 1990's and early 2000's and playing pretend. One game in particular that I liked to play was Cowboys & Indians. Sometimes, I would go out in the yard dressed like a cowboy with my brothers or friends, sometimes I would play with my little toy Cowboys & Indians figures alongside my toy trains and Western playsets.


I loved the old Westerns of film and television and the whole Wild West style was something that really appealed to me. It was awesome reading about the frontier and the Old West. I ate up those fabled stories of cowboys, gunslingers, gold miners, ranchers, lawmen, brave Native American warriors, outlaws, and the railroads. And part of me wants to go back to those halcyon days that are never to return.


I come here today to relive my long-gone childhood days and tell you a story of the Wild West, one of my own creation. It is not intended to be historically accurate in any sense of the imagination, for it is not the Wild West that was, but the Wild West that could have been. The version of the Wild West that I speak of is the one that is forever enshrined in the great American mythos.


I figured anyone can tell a Western tale if they have the passion for it, and I might as well make a stab at it. This is my story, a story of the Wild West and of dreams of a childhood whimsy that is now lost forever...


This is Cowboys & Indians....



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