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The "r u a boy or girl" question

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Big Molio
On 6/30/2018 at 3:49 PM, bocephus said:

Me too. What level of stupidity does it take to want to "represent yourself" in a goddamn game?

Insolent dog, now I have to explain myself to you seeing as this was directed at me! 😆


I simply like to be able to create a character who is my digital alter ego, who I have created and am happy with, and can customise at will. It's just more immersive to me. That's all I was getting at.



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i've been asked twice in 590 something levels if i was a girl or not, and i replied twice first with "what's it to you?" to which they became confrontational about it. i'd reveal a few exchanges later that i'm a guy.


as to why i play with a female character i have to dig deep to find just speculation. 


it started with quake 2, i believe. the first game i played where i could choose my avatar. i figured i'd play with the female one. dunno if it was some late teen pixel romance or anything else, but i've stuck with them since. back then the whole "looking at the running butt" schtick didn't exist, cos it was a first person view shooter. furthermore i'll admit that even the "looking at butt" thing isn't even a real reason for me. it might be some weird fetishistic thing that has stuck since then, and even through the sims, cos i can't bring me to run around with anime haircuts and kewl clothes either. when i set up my character i even aimed for a run of the mill, around my age, kind of woman. let's say mid 30s (-:


i think i am in some sort of closet, but i can't figure out which.

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