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Do you ever feel lonely?

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Breaking Bad
9 hours ago, Rafae said:


Everyone has a limit to which they can forget about it. You have to face loneliness head on at some point, which I feel like is what you're doing right now. Keep pushing man.

Thanks man.


I'm trying my best. I have some good days, and a lot of bad, but I'm trying to push myself to get out more. It's not easy with how mentally draining Work & everything can be.


Honestly I'm finding night time is the worst for me, I end up getting lost in my thoughts & there's nothing really to do at that time of night so it's like suffering.

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the returning absence

I kinda do, but awkward enough when i am around people i actually do not want to know them because they are boring and if i do they just disappoint in the reliability way of things.


Like one moment i try to know a guy, but i pretty much do all the talking and his answers are so...boring...so basic...like he has nothing of personality in him.


Like he has no vision besides the mundane, which is to get prestige at his job, get as high as possible and then die and expect he will be remembered by anyone for more then 30 year after he died.


Like most people...ugh...they have nothing original...they never aim for a throne of utter comfort so in later life they can forget about the evil sh*tty world and just not care, or they do not want to give all energy they got to make a change, or to truely do something actually different...


and even if i kinda feel some kind of pitty for any of the people i meet they just abuse any good will until they just are asking for a slap in the face by breaking promises or being like all silent after a few conversations and a few real life meetings;...or even more fun, they actually think they have what it takes to have more then a platonic relationship me even though i make it obvious as f*ck when i am not into them on that level and they pretty much ruin everything by turning into dirty old pervs.


Seriously, nobody has like any respect for an other his moral values and choices, they break any promises they ever made and do not even give a sh*t and they can not be relied on for even the slightest thing.


Wanne just have some friendly hanging out later and go to some musea of prehistoric animals, yea well...2 weeks after the promise they postpone an other 2 weeks and before you know you have not heard of them in a month.


Tell some more mature guy you are not into older and then have him try to get in your pants while you are actually concentrating to follow some documentary on national geographic channel about the most notorious dictators in history.


tell some other mature guy you are not into older and he acts all friendly until the next morning when he actually realizes you do not want to have anything sexual with him because he is a bald headed old fart that is to stupid to know what the f*ck an age limit of 36 is.


and those are not even the worst examples of sh*tty humans pretending to be better then most.


f*ck them with a wooden broom handle with splinters on it !

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Verbal Soze

Yeah but this is kinda funny though, i feel like i was alone when i'm in a crowded room, like hanging out with friends or something like that, but i didn't feel alone when i was on my own, i feel like i'm happy when i'm alone, i can do anything i want without limitations, or maybe it's just a feeling? i don't know....

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