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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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[IV/EFLC] Convert Weapons to IV

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Be sure to join the GTA IV Modding Discord server if you have any questions or cant get futher with it: https://discord.gg/p6RU4xJ


Convert Weapons to IV

I decided to post the tutorial on the forum since there arent many IV tutorials left or archieved on the web.

So, here we go...


Grade: Easy* (mistakes can be made through the process)

What you need:

- Your weapon model

- Autodesk 3ds Max (newer than 3ds max 9, I use 2012)

- GIMS IV https://gtaforums.com/topic/474215-gims-iv/

- Open IV http://openiv.com/


1. Make sure you have your weapon model prepared and create a project folder to easily obtain all files. You can import any different file typ of your weapon.




r95B3Vt.png   0VpKlgK.png


2. Open up Open IV, choose GTA IV and then go on  \pc\models\cdimages and open weapons.img . Select your weapon you want to replicate or replace (.wdr and .wtd file) with your custom weapon and export it to another single folder.






3. Start GIMS IV, open the openFormats bar and select ''Import ODR/ODD'' and import the weapon exported from IV (make sure ''Weapon Helpers'' is selected!)




Use the folder made for the IV weapon as external folder

4. After you imported the IV model, you need to move, scale and rotate ur custom weapon (if needed) like the IV model and place it correctly like it.








5. Select the IV gun dummy, then go on the modifier tab and select Vertex on the little hierarchy window.




Crop with your mouse to select all blue dots...




Select Attach under Edit Geometry and click on your custom weapon.








And now delete the IV dummy gun model...




6. On the GIMS IV window, under Tools, press Convert Materials




You might be possible done on 3ds max but if you do own or made Bump textures for reflections, you following do this...
Go on Material Editor under tools, select your material of your custom model and set the Shader to Bump and Parameter Set to gta_normal_spec
Then add your specular and bump texture down there...






7. Now to export it, on the openFormats tab, select ''Export ODR/ODD'' (deselect ''Split in smooth groups'' if its selected!)
and export it in a new folder again...




8. Now its ready to import, go on OpenIV, select New and choose Import openFormats






Open the texture file of your weapon (w_gun.wtd) and delete the old textures and import the textures of your custom weapon.




And there you go! You successfully converted your custom weapon to IV!


dfdfdfdsf.png  GTAIV_2018-06-02_15-13-07-461.jpg


GTAIV_2018-06-02_15-13-23-607.jpg  GTAIV_2018-06-02_15-13-34-043.jpg





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