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Top 10 Best GTA V Characters

Recommended Posts


For GTA IV/EFLC fans like me and Algonquin Assassin, this top ten list should still be relatively easy, considering the amount of GTA IV/EFLC characters that made cameos. There’s also SOME likable GTA characters in our books too (although extremely minimal) but without any further ado, here I go with my list.


#10 Rocco Pelosi

I used to not like him, but now, I actually do knowing him in GTA TBOGT and that fun golf mission he gave you! :D 

#9 Karen Daniels

The only GTA IV/EFLC cameo that can’t get killed off no matter what. She’s also a lot hotter than just about every other woman in the game! I don’t care what anybody else says! However, I still liked her brownish eyes better in GTA IV and am really wondering how they all of the sudden changed to blue in GTA V. At least she’s still a brunette! :)

#8 Lester

He’s overall a decent mission giver in my opinion.

#7 Chop

It’s very unfortunate that you only get to play as him extremely minimally. In my honest opinion, he SHOULD be the game’s fourth protagonist.

#6 Franklin

He reminds me somewhat of a GTA San Andreas type of character. Still overall likable in my honest opinion.

#5 Michael

Definitely the most likable of the three protagonists in this game. He reminds me somewhat of a GTA III or Vice City type of character.

#4 Patrick McReary

He was always a pretty cool guy since the days of GTA IV.

#3 Terry Thorpe

An awesome character from TLAD who was killed by Trevor. What a shame..

#2 Clay Simons

Another awesome character from TLAD. Too bad Trevor had to kill him too.

#1 Johnny Klebitz

My favorite character in the whole series as a matter of fact, besides Niko Bellic. I was very sad to see him go all because of Trevor. In fact, right when I picked choice A at the end and took the shot, I said “THIS ONE IS TO AVENGE JOHNNY KLEBITZ!!!”


Feel free to leave your list and I will accept your opinion, no matter how off IMO I think it is.

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1 - Johnny: He's my third favourite protagonist after Niko and Tommy. A shame the game missed a great opportunity to make him an antagonist.


2 - Packie: Best crew to have IMO. I always use him over the other generic crew members.


3 - Michael: Even though his family are annoying and cliched Michael himself is really well done. He brings a bit of a Tommy kind of flavour to the game. A man with experience who's seen some sh*t in his time.


4 - Lester: I don't know, but I enjoy his nerdy, mastermind persona. He'd fit right in with the world of Watch Dogs too.


5 - Terry: Killed off in thee name of shock value despite being a great back up to Johnny.


6 - Clay: Same as above.


7 - Marnie: It's good to know Niko's good advice in GTA IV turned her life around.


8 - Franklin: Bland personality, but I like his ambition and he's into racing so vehicle customisation really suits him.


9 - U.L Paper Contact: For some reason they made him look younger. Anyhow I thought this guy was great in GTA IV.


10  Rocco: Like ThatBenGuy I used to dislike a lot in TBOGT, but looking back he could be hilarious at certain times.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Algonquin Assassin said:



7 - Marnie: It's good to know Niko's good advice in GTA IV turned her life around.



I rather have drugs to join that stupid cult. Stealing from them is more satisfying than any heist in the game. Here's mine


10)Chef:it's a shame he has a minor role in the game. 


9)Dom Beasley:I loved the missions he gave us. 


8)Nigel and Mrs Thornhill:The elderly that we like


7)Wade:you just gotta listen to him in the strip club. 


6)Ron Jacowski:loyal, weird, cool. 


5)Lester the Molester:One word. Awesome. But he is seriously OP. 


4)Lamar Davis:Stupid, funny and the best user of the N-word to ever exist. 


3)Franklin Clinton:so little depth was in his personality but I don't know I just find him genuine and cute. Also I love his weirdness about certain tasks in the game. 


2)Trevor Philips:my 4th favorite protagonist in the series behind CJ, Michael, Tommy. Disgusting, edgy, psycho, c*nt, smart, loyal, under the influence of abandonment issues, funny, whatever. You can hate him and love him at the same time. That's what makes it awesome. 


1)Michael De Santa:My 2nd favorite protagonist in the series behind CJ. defenition of mid life crisis. Love his sarcasm. 


Unlike many I loved the relationship between the 3 protagonists. And overall unlike many I liked the characters in the game. They are the exaggerated versions of people you can encounter in real life. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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Posted (edited)

1 - Dave Norton: I like this guy way more than I should but he’s my favorite. A level headed character isn’t exactly a common one in V.


2 - Michael De Santa: Definitely my favorite protagonist in V character wise. If only his family had any redeeming quality.


3 - Franklin Clinton: Not much to his character sadly but also makes it so their isn’t much to dislike about his character so he stays likable through out the game.


4 - Lester Crest: I usually dislike genius characters who flaunt their intelligence but I can make an exception for Lester.


5 - Chop: I’m already having a hard time making this list.


6 - Lamar Davis: I like him. Can’t pin point why I like him, but I like him.


7 - Solomon Richards: Almost forgot about Solomon. Yeah I liked him.


8 to 10 - Genuinley no one. It was to hard to choose any more characters to put on this list. I dislike most of V’s characters but there are quite a few I don’t dislike but don’t particularly like either. Yet I can’t justify to myself any reason to put them on this list. So this top 10 list will just have to be a top 7.

Edited by CharliesHead

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I've only included characters that originated in V so characters like Johnny, Packie who might otherwise make the list are not included


1) Michael

2) Trevor

3) Franklin

4) Solomon

5) Lester

6) Dave

7) Lamar

8 ) Madrazo

9) Chef

10) Haines /Ron(can't decide)


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In no particular order:





Malc (actually in GTA Online,but I guess he counts)




that crazy British couple that stalked celebrities


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Hmmm nice bike
Posted (edited)
  • Martin Madrazo. He seemed like an interesting character, and I loved that they were slowly introducing a Mexican drug cartel. That whole entire scene has huge potential for GTA, but unfortunately they reduced his character from a badass cartel boss to some pussy.
  • Karen. Honestly, this is one of the references to IV that I loved. Unlike Niko, she continued working for the IAA and is now a pretty mean agent. Interesting to see what became of her after 5 years in a new line of work. And unlike our favorite bikers from IV/EFLC, she didn't die a stupid and anti-climatic death.
  • Lamar Davis. I loved the scenes he was in, and although more of him would have been nice, I kind of see him as a character who was better in small doses. Too much of him and people would get annoyed with him.
  • Bobby June. Do radio characters count? First off, I thought the fact that they'd even parody Paula Deen, of all the people, was hilarious. I also thought Bobby June's show "Bless Your Heart" on Blaine County Talk Radio was one of the only talk shows in the game that was actually somewhat entertaining. The parody of hardline conservative politics being mixed in with blatant racism, crazy recipes, country music and good ol' southern culture truly felt like the worst moments of Fox & Friends mixed with Paula Deen's former cooking show, and it made for an interesting and funny listen. And given much of the show's content, it (sadly) still has relevancy to this day.


And that's about it. I didn't like V's story much at all, and I'd say that me adding a radio character is clearly grasping for straws at this point.

Edited by Hmmm nice bike

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Top 1? I don't think GTA V has that many great characters..


1. Michael De Santa

2. Trevor Phillips

3. Packie McReary

4. Lamar Davis

5. Franklin

6. Lester


Thats pretty much it


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10. Chef- Wish he had a bigger part in the storyline.


9. Terry & Clay.


8. Rocco Pelosi- He is a bully, coward, arrogant but I like him. 


7. Martin Madrazo- His first appearance was intimidating, but his latter missions ruined him. Wasted opportunity.


6. Lester Crest- Usually I don't like hacker, computer genius type of characters but Lester is an exception.


5. Lamar Davis- Ahh, don't hate him 'cause his beautiful. Dumb, but funny. Loved his interactions with Franklin. Plus, his missions were great.


4. Micheal De Santa- He is a fat snake, but I like him. Definitely my favorite protagonist in the trio.


3. Franklin Clinton- Had a great potential, but soon he become a bridge between Micheal and Trevor.


2. Packie McReary- He is one of my favorite character in the entire series.


1. Johnny Klebitz- No explanation needed.

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Posted (edited)

I thought this was "Top 10 Best GTA V Characters".  But the OP listed characters from GTA IV and TLAD.  Really?  Try "Top 10 characters in the GTA world" if that was your intention.

Edited by WarthogCC

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1 hour ago, WarthogCC said:

I thought this was "Top 10 Best GTA V Characters".  But the OP listed characters from GTA IV and TLAD.  Really?  Try "Top 10 characters in the GTA world" if that was your intention.

There are some characters that crossover.

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18 hours ago, ThatBenGuy said:

There are some characters that crossover.

Yeah I know.  For some reason, unlike my normal persona, I felt like being critical.  My bad.  But some of the characters are "mentioned" in GTA V but not really in the game.  That was my point.  They are not really "Best" characters in V if they are not really there, right?

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Very hard to choose 10.


10. The scriptwriter woman with the laptop

9. Casey the truck driver

8. The police helicopter pilot

7. The dog Chop f**ked

6. Chef

5. Chop

4. Michael De Santa 

3. Johnny, Terry, Clay and Packie (shared)

2. UL Paper Contact

1. Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City (he counts, right?)




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1 - Michael Townley

2 - Trevor Philips

3 - Dave Norton

4 - Lester Crest

5 - Solomon Richards

6 - 

7 -

8 -

9 - Franklin Clinton

10 - Steve Haines (not a good antagonist, he sounds more like a clown)


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