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The Bloody Water Clan now recruiting ( ages 16+ only)

Recommended Posts


"Violence may not be the answer but it sure is fun

The Bloody Water Clan is looking for all you freaks and fiends to help turn this crew from nothing to a skilled, tight knit community of like minded people.

(I'm primarily in need of commissioners and representatives)

What do we do?

We will mostly be tearing up free roam together


but I will also be setting up crew only lobbies where we can play made up crew games, practice our combat skills, and of course just dick around.

Crew activities include but are not limited to:

Crew MC/CEO lobbies

Where we will fill an empty public lobby to capacity with only crew members that are either mc president's, CEOs or people who want to work for one of the two.


A game where members race to a checkpoint on a bike of their choosing while trying to avoid mines laid down by members who won't be taking part in that particular race


A game where a member will drive a large vehicle like a garbage truck or a semi truck while drunk, while two members on top of the vehicle (also drunk) will fight with a Melee weapon of their choosing and the first person to die or fall off loses.

Before you become one of us you have to create your own TBWC inspire outfit just make it look nice and creepy/crazy looking
(must include a mask or face paint) after that I will invite you.



We are also looking specifically for lieutenants and representatives

Lieutenants will be tasked with the following:

Training member's in all things combat related, helping fight in official crew vs crew death matches and keeping order during crew activities

Representatives will be tasked with the following:

Creating crew related propaganda,
(I would especially appreciate someone who could create and edit a decent YouTube video and upon proving you could we'd put you in charge of a TBWC YouTube channel).
Organizing crew events, and bringing potential recruits and people who deserve to be kicked to my attention

Why do we exist?

My crew is mainly for people who are tired of not being backed up in free roam, missions, heists ect. while setting them selves apart from other crews with similar rules which is accomplished due to our unique dress code.

Since your open to having allies will your crew also have rivals?

We are indeed open to that concept and in fact consider all those cringey crews that name themselves after real life gangs to be rivals and as such are not open to discussing alliances with them and will not accept people that are currently in or are friends with people who are in those hilarious yet super cringey crews

Crew Rules

1 Always listen to the orders of commissioners, lieutenants and me the leader unless the order contradicts other crew rules

2 Always wear your crew outfit when around other TBWC crew members. 

4 This is your only crew.

5 Never kill fellow members unless it's mutually agreed upon

(All members must be 16+) 

Still looking for a reason to join? Well consider this.....

We have a unique dress style, we only allow at least above average players so you can be confident in our ability to back you up and we only allow 16 and older people so no little kids will be found here.


If you have any questions my PSN is JoshuaCampbell88 my Rockstar name is Josh949 or you could message me on here I check all almost daily.

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Update: Now that we've reached nearly 20 member's joining us will be a longer process this will weed out people who don't really want to join us

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Congratulations to Ome3gaRed for becoming the first representative!

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