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Penguin Bob

The Best/Worst game you have played?

Recommended Posts


My favourite game of all time would be a toss-up between Grand Theft Auto IV & Bully.


My least favourite game would be Saints Row the third as it completely ripped out every ounce of charm & soul the series offered beforehand. it's just such a shallow & hollow piece of sh*t. (did not play iv as it looked even worse)


How I miss the old Saints Row. (Saints Row 2 would probably be in the top 10 as far as my favourite games of all time go.)

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Best: Resident Evil (PS1)


Worst: Superman64. I am glad this was only a rental. Wow.

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Doctor Holliday
12 hours ago, Penguin Bob said:

But why? :(

If Max Payne 3 had a different name and wasn't attached to Max Payne 1 and 2, it would sort of be OK, like it's not a terrible game in theory.

Nice visuals. Above average writing and acting. Fun gunplay. But otherwise it just pales in the shadow of the first 2 games because they have everything that MP3 is missing. The first 2 had a lot more weapons to choose from and play with, much more vertical and complex level design with more pathways to explore, greater variety of enemies, greater freedom between cutscenes, and there was an actual modding community with some really awesome content. MP3 is a much shorter game that is lot more restrictive and linear which doesn't make it "bad" per se, it was just a bad experience for me personally.

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For me, the Fable series deserves an honorable mention as the best game I've (ever) played.


Probably the end all best for me though, San Andreas.

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Vice City



Midnight Club: Los Angeles

LA Noire

All three Max Payne games

Red Dead Redemption


The first two Mafia games

The Assassin’s Creed series

All three Call of Duty Modern Warfare games

World at War


Advanced Warfare (the only futuristic COD game that’s even worth playing IMO)

The very first Black Ops

The whole Battlefield series, except for the new one that’s about to come out but it looks disappointing anyway..



Mafia III (big disappointment to the first two Mafia games)

All futuristic COD games EXCEPT for AW

PETA games on their website (I hate this phony animal rights organization with a burning passion)

Five Nights at Freddy’s (a game with a cancerous fan base that is growing like the bubonic plague)

And on a rather controversial ending note, the Sonic and Pokémon series. Never cared for either series because their fan bases are pretty toxic.

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Am Shaegar


- Mafia II

- Red Dead Redemption

- Max Payne 3

- Far cry 3 onwards every far cry game

- Fallout 4

- Pillars of Eternity 

- Hitman Absolution

- Postal

- Thief 4

- Vietcong 2

- Any game that is entirely story driven full of quick time events and long cutscenes with hardly any gameplay. If I simply want to experience a story then I'll watch a movie or read a book, not buy a video game.

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H1Z1 and Fortnite

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Penguin Bob
Posted (edited)

I have more best/worst games to mention.


Best: Sleeping Dogs: AMAZING graphics, AMAZING story, and it has many features and you will never get bored of it and it has some of the best fighting moves ever. In my opinion of course. 


Dead Rising 1, 2, 3: These three DR games are fantastic. My first Dead Rising game was DR2: Case Zero on the Xbox 360. I was slightly disappointed with Dead Rising 4.


Hitman Series: It's like a real assassin game. You can take out your targets in many ways with many weapons and it's not repetitive.


Red Dead Redemption: Best. Cowboy Game. Ever. Although the ending was pretty sad and shocking, it was still great nonetheless. 


Worst: Action 52. My god, where do I begin? Most of the games on there are broken, impossible, and some of them simply doesn't work. They had the nerve to put this piece of sh*t on display for 200 dollars.


Made Man: It's not that bad because it has a great storyline, great protagonist, (the main protagonist was voiced by Rick Pasqualone which was the voice actor for Vito in Mafia 2!) But the gunplay is crap, the cover system was crap, and wherever you go, there will be ALOT of enemies trying to kill you. I never actually finished the game because it that difficult.


Mafia 3: A HUGE disappointment to Mafia 1 and 2. The graphics are great and all, but there were some stuff that were removed from Mafia 1 and 2 and it's also buggy.


 I'll think of more, but that's possibly it.



Edited by Penguin Bob

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Algonquin Assassin
15 hours ago, ThatBenGuy said:

Mafia III (big disappointment to the first two Mafia games)

Mafia III had so much potential to be something great, but it was hyped up as another "GTA killer" and has now slipped into the abyss. It had great voice acting/cutscenes, but its gameplay left a lot to be desired for that the DLCs couldn't even mend. I don't remember much of Mafia 1, but Mafia II despite its flaws had charm that made it more than just a GTA "clone".


If there's another Mafia game I hope it puts us back into the shoes of a real mafiaso again because Mafia III felt more like The Punisher: 1968 than an actual Mafia game.

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Witcher 3

The Last of Us

Uncharted 2 (followed by the rest of the series)

GTA Vice City (followed by the rest of the series)

Gran Turismo 3 or 4, my first choice changes regularly.


I'm for sure forgetting about a lot of stuff probably, so I'll add more at a later date.

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Lock n' Stock

Too many to list as my best, but I'll happily list my worst:


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (need I say more?)
The Dalmatians (one of those sh*tty Disney rip-off films that's on a PlayStation disc for some reason)
Rambo: The Video Game (because rail-shooters in 2014 are still a thing, apparently)
Ride to Hell: Retribution (ugly, vile, henious excuse for an action game that deverses every bit of scorn heading it's way)
The Simpsons: Wrestling (button-mashing sh*tshow)
The Simpsons: Skateboarding (used to enjoy it, but looking back it was a real piece of sh*t with broken gameplay and controls)



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Posted (edited)

Although I haven't mentioned it yet anywhere within this thread, I additionally don't care for Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and Team Fortress 2. All four of those games are nothing more than hipster, man child, and whiny/bratty kid cesspools. I don’t like Terraria either because all it is, is just a poor man’s attempt at Minecraft, an already crappy game.

Edited by ThatBenGuy

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Worst: BattleTech, Horizon Zero Dawn, Wolfenstein 2, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Best: Half Life Series                                             Worst: PES 2014

GTA Series                                                                  Mass Effect Andromeda      

Red Dead Redemption                                                Five Nights at Freddy's 4

The Witcher 3 The wild hunt                                        Ride to Hell: Retribution

Elder Scrolls Series                                                      Hotel Mario

PES 5,6 and 2013                                                        Bubsy 3D

Fallout 2, New Vegas                                                    Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

DooM Series                                                                  Umbrella Corps

Far Cry Series                                                                No Man's Sky

Portal Series                                                                   Star Wars Battlefront II 

Call of Duty 1,2,4,WaW,MW2,BO1

The last of us

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl


Counter-Strike Series (Excluding CZ)

Mafia City of Lost Heaven and Mafia 2

Battlefield 2,3,Bad Company 2


Super Mario 64

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

FIFA 98,07,08,09,11,12

Resident Evil 4

Need for Speed: Underground 1,2, Most Wanted

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Posted (edited)

Best: GTA San Andreas
Red Dead Redemption 2 (When it comes out)
Ratchet Gladiator
Ratchet and Clank 3
Game Dev Tycoon
Burnout 3
Scarface: The World Is Yours

Worst: Fantastic 4

Edited by JayKed20

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Penguin Bob

I would like list off one more worst game.


Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing: What a unfinished, bugged piece of trash. There are MANY things that are wrong with the game, and I will gladly list them off.


#1: False Advertising: The whole plot of the game is to race other trucks while delivering cargo and being chased by the police. But there is no cargo to deliver, there are no cops, and the other trucks don't even move an inch. There is a patch where the other trucks can move but they never finish the race.


#2: Horrible level design: There are no collisions on any of the building/props that are on the game. There was even a bridge where you could drive down on and then you come back. There was also one level that didn't work and it was called Nightride. As soon as you click on it, it will crash your game.


#3: The driving mechanics: The driving is so stiff that turning the truck is a nightmare. You could even drive up an ENTIRE mountain no sweat. And yes, it's possible to go more than 300 miles per hour.

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best: ex aequo, GTAIV, and AC origins


worst: theHunter call of the wild. the only game in my gamer history that i bought, and that i had to stop playing during more than 3 days (actually more than one week now) because of gamebreaking bugs. always the same with that company. its predecessor theHunter classic was in the same vein. i think the problem comes from the fact that they are lucky enough to have their own engine (Just cause engine), but their small studio is just enable to provide the corresponding support. the engine is gorgeous, the game was very promising, but in the end it's always the same. bugs, bugs, and disappointment. the fact that i'm stuck, and can't play right now got me very, very disappointed



honorable mention: Sleeping dogs. Sleeping dogs 2 was IMO the biggest waste in video games industry. and Assetto corsa. i discovered that game during last Steam summer sales. and the physics in that game are just amazing (not only the physics btw)



small vid i made yesterday. i suggest playing in 480 if you don't have a very fast connection


Edited by jpm1

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No one mentions Silent Hill? Okay.


Best games in my opinion:

Sony PS2:


GTA San Andreas - A masterpiece by rockstar, it's really fun and sometimes funny.

GTA Vice City - My favorite GTA, because it's in 80's, and plus the radios like Emotion 98.3, V-ROCK, and many more.

Silent Hill 2 & 3 - Yes, I am a big SH fan but the game is really good if you like horror games. These ones are the really true masterpieces of survival-horror if you ask me.

Sony PS1:


Silent Hill - If you see the 1999's game, try this one. It's really good but the graphics are kinda bad.

GTA: I used to hate this one, but I realized I was wrong. It's pretty much fun.

GTA London 1961 -1969: The packs that are really good for a 97's game, yes it is.


Sony PS3:

GTA 4: The serbian protagonist makes it everything on its way. Why? Because the game itself. The game is pretty good, and sometimes funny.

Silent Hill: Homecoming: I may add another Silent Hill, but this one was a beast. Not my favorite though.


Sony PS4:

P.T: The game that was cancelled but it's demo was one of the goods.

I don't know many PS4 games, let me know by replying.



GTA series.

Metal Gear. (If any is on PC)

Silent Hill series.

Call Of Duty series (The classic one to MW3, then the games are meh.)

Medal Of Honor (If it's in PC)


Worst games in my opinion:

Fortnite: Yes I don't like it.

GTA 5: Graphics are cool, but the missions were meh...

Call Of Duty WWII: Trash, it looks like you're watching a movie. There are too many cutscenes.




Edited by VenomDYOM

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