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The Time Ranger

App Recommendation Thread

Recommended Posts

The Time Ranger

This is a thread to recommend fun, useful or interesting apps that you use, maybe there's a great under the radar app that you discovered. Share your favourite apps here.


i'd recommend KhanAcademy. It's a free app where you can learn about so many subjects, from computing and science to history, this app has it, I'd definately recommend it.

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Well, on my old Nokia i used to play bootleg Doodle Jump and Snake Ex2.
I was playing these since 2011. Recommended.

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1 hour ago, Am Shaegar said:

Lastly, Samsung Internet browser. One of the most underrated browser app in my opinion. I was shocked tofind just how fast this browser is compared to Chrome or Opera. Its super fast. Best features - Night mode, reader mode, ability to add as many ad blockers and works brilliantly to further speed up the loading times, paste as plain text option, and the option to move the in app popping up function with copy/paste/select, etc functions. No browser allows to move and its very useful on forums like GTAForums, when you want to paste the linkin the "Link box" but the pop up makes it difficult to see the field as it comety covers the area. 

This. It's great compared to Chrome and Opera. The quick access feature is great, makes it easy to reach sites you use quite frequently. The ad-blocker is great too. But my favorite feature is the 'Secret Mode' lol. 

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Plese refer to the correct thread, in the correct section.


3 hours ago, AiraCobra said:



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