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Recommended Posts


what is your ultimate ideal GTA? 

describe a GTA which is so great that you're okay if it's the last one in the series. A GTA that meets your expectations in every aspect. 



Here's mine:

 Location:Liberty City+Vice City+San Andreas all connected by the cities and counties around them. A map like this could be like a backward L. 



Time:Modern Day+Flashbacks from the 80s-90s-00s. Hopefully we can have a bit of free mode in those Flashbacks as well. 



Characters:featuring some characters from the previous franchise and many easter eggs to previous characters. 



Protagonist:Probably one protagonist but not sure. Three if done properly. This protagonist should have more than 150 missions across the whole map and evolves in an interesting journey. 



Missions:similar to SA or V, missions should have variety in land, air, sea and take full advantage of the map. 



Gameplay and Side-Activities:the following should be included:

-at least 50 percent of interiors(at best all of them) should be enterable(Restaurants, apts, clubs, skyscrapers, etc) 


-Plane, Helicopter, Car, Boat, Bike, Cycle Customization

-Haircuts and clothing customization



-Strangers and Random encounters

-Drug wars

-Gang wars and Gang territories


-Friend hangouts

-Mini-games from previous games + new ones

-in-depth weapon customization+all weapons from previous games and new weapons

-more than %90 of previous vehicles return+New vehicles

-Completely realistic physics

-a combination of SIM and Arcade driving physics. 


-Properties(houses, business, mansions) 

-freemode heists(can be done completely freemode) 

-Flight, boat, driving, bike, cycle schools with martial arts class. In these you actually should learn things you never knew before. 

-many collectibles with noticeable awards for collecting. They should be located in places with beautiful scenery or special locations. 

-Every ped has a cycle and you can even follow them to the interior of their housr or work place. 




Cheats:SA cheats+new ones based on new physics. 






Radio and media:every city has its unique stations+some songs from previous games, fully detailed internet like GTA V but this time every website can be interacted with and possibly trigger side missions. TV and Weazel news and talk radios. Interaction with lifeinvader and media. 



Multiplayer:Same as GTA ONLINE but this time with exclusive lobbys where you can activate cheats with your friends and without microtransactions. 



Story Mode DLC:NEVER.everything in-game from the start. 




Edited by TheSantader25

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Femme Fatale

GTA IV but with more sex and violence. :3

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1 minute ago, Femme Fatale said:

GTA IV but with more sex and violence. :3


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Femme Fatale
30 minutes ago, TheSantader25 said:




I'm a gorehound, and a nympho. A gal has her needs, you know.

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16 minutes ago, Am Shaegar said:

Not speaking as an SA fan but in all honesty, GTA SA is actually the ultimate GTA experience that Rockstar was able to offer. SA meets every expectation of mine across the board. 

So, the answer is clear and simple for the topic, my ultimate GTA experience for the HD Era will be an experience that takes further from what SA has to offer, and if possible, bringing as many improvements and interesting stuff to the table.

Exactly. SA is the closest we've got to perfection. A true GTA to remember the 3D era with. We've yet to see the ultimate HD era GTA. 

If the content we got for GTA ONLINE over the years were available in GTA V SP. I could call it the ultimate GTA. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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It's kinda hard to define, what would be a ultimate GTA to me. The game focused on Italian or Russian Mafia, where you start from the bottom of ladder and eventually rise to rank of a captain/capo. Story is no different or unique but if done properly, it would be great. 


Very extreme level of violence and bloodshed, like dismemberment, tortures. Mission similar to the 'Three Capo Murder' of the Bonnanno Crime Family, where you execute the targets and then you actually cut their bodies into pieces, so they can be easy to dispose. Focus on more darker aspects of crime like Human Trafficking, Flesh trade and showing the most brutal aspects of them. Mission like where the target is in a high facility prison, so the protagonist commits a crime and gets caught intentionally, so he could get to the target. Acquiring weapons, planning escape along with other inmates once the job is done, surviving prison riots. 


Locations- Some place like Liberty City, dark, cold where it rains almost everytime. 


Characters- No filmstar, rich business tycoon type of sh*t. Characters like convicted war criminals turned gangsters, violent pimps, overall GTA IV type of cast. 


Side Activities- Almost similar to what TheSantader25 mentioned.

Apart from these, extortion rackets, trafficking drugs.

Once, the protagonist rises to rank of made man or captain, he can run his own crew of soldiers and associates, participating in various activities.


And diverse range of properties to be bought just like GTA VC and V. 


Apart from all these mentioned above, a concept thread by Tyla set in VIce City felt like a Ultimate GTA to me.



Edited by Crossbones

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first of all: NO YOGA! it's one of the most useless things in a GTA game, you can guess why

then, when it comes to diversity, e.g. for San Fierro: 50.000 peds and cca 120 civil car models; Liberty City: 755.000 peds and cca 600 civil car models etc

ofc combining all GTA places into one, so when it comes to HD it means North Yankton + SOL + San Andreas (Los Santos + Blaine County) + GTAVI map etc

weapon customization in SP shrinked to basic: able to buy extended clip, scope, silencer for any or most weapons

customizable taxis and police cars

GTAV car customization

rather unrealistic hangouts: drive-by, robberies, heists etc with anyone at best, only exception is going to bars and clubs and get drunk, that must return as it's hilarious to see protags drunk

32 safehouses in SOL and across Los Santos and Blaine County in SP for each protag

Mini-games - not sure but those like sports seem odd to me, i'd rather be able to do illegal street races

everything else i pretty much agree with others

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One that’s focused on either the Italian, Irish, Russian, Polish, or Jewish crime families and taking place in modern times, probably somewhere within the urban Midwest or urban northeastern United States.

Missions: Mostly similar ones to GTA 4, EFLC, VC, or 3

Characters: Featuring some from the earlier games as well as introducing new ones as well as a new protagonist. This time, let’s just go right in the middle. Instead of having three protagonists or one protagonists, why not try having just two protagonists? One is a woman and the other is a man. They are both part of the crime syndicate, but not necessarily lovers. Also, Niko, Franklin, and Luis make a reappearance and the game’s playable characters become friendly with them.

Side Activities:

1. Gang wars and territories

2. Friend hangouts

3. Heists that can be done in free mode

4. Strangers and random encounters

5. Street racing

6. Properties such as businesses and houses

7. Assassinations

8. Ability to play pool, darts, slot machines, pinball, and go fish

9. Clothing customizations

10. Hairstyles and haircuts

11. Tattoo customizations

12. Vehicle customizations

13. Seduction in order to avoid arrests or wanted level, or to protect fellow gang members (when playing as the female protagonist mentioned earlier)

14. Electoral fraud, a new ability where you get to use computers within the game, use fake IDs, and vote for a politician within the game

15. Ability to call Niko, Franklin, or Luis as backup.

Edited by ThatBenGuy

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For me, the ultimate GTA would ve the one which stretches the aspect of violence, drugs, sex, shootouts etc. to the MAXIMUM and at the same time keep it grounded with an engaging storyline. Something like Godfather meets The Matrix or Scarface meets Terminator


As far as side activites as considered, it should be COMPLETELY crime related, no crappy rc missions or those stupid racing missions with checkpoints


Characters should be dark and edgy

All in all i would say a revamped edition of GTA 4 sounds perfect

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Literally Vice City but Tommy is left handed instead of right

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