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Posted (edited)




"As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster."

Follow the story of Michael "Mikey" DeVito, a 'wiseguy' apart of the Sorvino crime family. Follow him through his journey starting in the late 1970s to the early 2000s as he goes from a young petty criminal following the orders of Sorvino family capo, Paulie Cicci and Cicci's close associate Johnny Stallone, to cocaine addict and dealer in this story-driven MP.




Michael "Mikey" DeVito: Mike's lived in Las Venturas his whole life, his father was an Italian immigrant and his mother had Irish ancestry. For this reason Mike can't be made since you have to be 100% Italian. He's been hanging around the Cicci crew (apart of the Sorvino crime family) since at least the age of 17.


Thomas "Tommy" Lamborghini: Tommy is the truest definition of bi-polar. One moment he's your best friend, next he's stomping your head into unconsciousness. He used to be called "Spitshine Tommy" as a kid since he shined mobster's shoes for some pretty decent cash.


Paul "Paulie" Cicci: Capo, or "made man" in the Sorvino crime family, Paulie like all other capos, gets his own crew. Paulie's been running with the mob since he was 10. He's tortured and maimed so many rival mobsters that even Don Sorvino himself is scared of him. He's not a force to be reckoned with.


John "Johnny" Stallone: Paulie's closest associate and best friend, Johnny started doing mob hits with Paulie at at least the age of 16. He takes family very seriously and won't put up with nonsense. Both Johnny and Paulie are strongly anti-drug.


Stacy Stallone: Johnny's one and only daughter that he fears for every day. She rents an apartment nearby Paulie's casino. She's a cocaine addict and smalltime dealer as well, along with her cousin Sam.


Samuel "Sam" Attenborough: Stacy's cousin, Johnny's nephew. He's a cocaine addict and dealer looking out to make a buck by any means necessary. Sam actually got Stacy to first try cocaine as teenagers, and they've both been hooked ever since. He's been dealing drugs in general since the age of 12.



The Sorvino Family: The Sorvino crime family was started by Carmine Sorvino sometime in the mid 1950s, and it quickly grew to power, eliminating all it's rivals and marking their name in the underworld.


The Capuzi Family: The Capuzi crime family was started by Sergio Capuzi sometime in the early 1960s, and quickly proved as a threat to the Sorvino family. They had a mob war sometime in the late 1960s up until the mid 70s when they made a peace agreement. However, the peace would only last so long...


The 8 Balls: Smalltime gang of punks operating on the Las Venturas strip. Their main activities include raping innocent women, robbing unlucky bystanders, selling weed, and theft.


The Ramirez Gang: Pablo Ramirez started his cartel sometime in the early 1970s, but didn't really prove to be much of a threat. The Ramirez Gang is on good terms with every LV gang besides the Triads. They exclusively sell drugs, they are a cartel after all.


Las Venturas Triads: Started by Xan Poi in the early 1950s, the Triads mainly keep to themselves in the city. Occasionally dealing jewelry, drugs and whatever else they can get their hands on with the Cubans. The Triads are sworn enemies with the Ramirez Gang, and wish to eliminate them by any means necessary.









Edited by S.A.C.

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Interesting 😃

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I should advice you to get some logos and headers.

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In the logo is WiseGuns, but the name is WiseGuys... Interesting... WiseGuyGuns?

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Posted (edited)

No, it's wiseguys. Since I used the old english font it looks like "wiseguns"

Edited by S.A.C.

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You will make a trailer?

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Trailer added.

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