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💀 [PC] Grim Knights RGT Recruitment 💀

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Grim Knights RGT Recruitment Thread

Image result for rockstar social club





To be eligible to join GRIM, you must be able to follow these guidelines. If you meet them, you may apply to join.




Now that you've read these guidelines and believe you can run by them, you may apply to join. We want you to apply here on the recruitment thread instead of in our Discord so that we can keep things organised and it helps to bump our post as well. Please follow the application template below:


IRL Name (Optional):

Social Club Name: 


Why should we take you on as a Squire?:

What can you offer to GRIM?:

Are you currently in any other crews?:

Battalion Choice (Air - Eagles or Ground - Hounds):


Once you have filled out this template, please post it as a reply and one of our Council members will get back to you ASAP. Your application may be Accepted, Pending or Denied. If accepted, you will be messaged with the Discord link, please join and we will run you through the crew and its expectations of you.




As stated above we offer 2 publicly available units, the Eagle Unit and the Hound Unit. The Grave Unit is for the most skilled members of the crew and are awarded this unit by the Council upon vote.

The Eagles are the best Pilots in the crew, they specialise in Dog Fighting and Aerial support. The Hounds are the members that are the best at ground combat. Not just on foot but in ground vehicles as well such as tanks and other weaponised vehicles.

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