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"Activity" and "About me" tabs

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Posted (edited)

On my profile page, is there a way to change the two tabs "Activity" and "About me", so that "About me" displays first, instead of "Activity"? 


And to the latter: I noticed that the main Activity tab only shows likes given and doesn't log any posts after June 3rd, and this seems to be the case with other user's profile pages, too. Going over the "see activity" button and "posts" however works perfectly fine in displaying the whole lot.


My question maybe boils down to this: What is the Activity tab for in the first place? Why not just display the "About me" tab alone, and make the "See Activity" button more prominent?


EDIT: Just noticed I should have posted that last part under "Suggestions", more likely. Sorry, please staff don't get mad at me 🖖

Edited by Lucy_Woooolfe

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There is a known issue with activity not updating until June 4 and it's being looked into AFAIK. As for Activity and About Me, unfortunately there isn't a way to change the order of the tabs, and I'm not too sure if this is going to be considered as it's a bit of a theme change,

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I understand; personally, I found the current order counter-intuitive at first, but then again I am one of those data gobbling types


I've already come around seeing the quick-navigational point-of-view instead; the short curriculum (name, respect list, links) and short activity tab are there for the quick reader passing by in a hurry, while those interested in detailed description and the more detailed log would bring with them some browsing time anyway and can be bothered with clicking buttons.


Sadly, on the mobile version (Browser: Edge), the "Activity/About me" tab is also buried in the cellar, only the detailed see-activity being on top.


Thanks for answer anyway; overall, I like the site's refit very much.



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