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GTA Online PS4 Roleplay


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Hello and welcome! For those of you who love GTA roleplay and own a PS4, we have  started a GTA Online PS4 Roleplay Server on discord. We will be hosting events on private roleplay lobbies. Interested? I’ll tell you how to join in a second, but we have to go through some things first. 

You must always follow our rules, by not doing so you will end up getting banned off our server. 

-try to stay in character as much as you can, you may go out of character when about to log off or when necessary, especially when acquiring law enforcement vehicles for law enforcement jobs which requires to have the npc cops to show up and attack the player that is acquiring the vehicle. 

-Don’t harass players, if you’re caught harassing players and ruining their roleplay experience you will be banned immediately.

-do not use super expensive cars right off the bat, you need to start off small, we will let you obtain two vehicles off the street, put a custom plate on it, then you can proceed from there.

-play along! For example: If caught by the police or any law enforcement personnel, you must play along, don’t act like a little kid making up things like “oh I broke the handcuffs I’m getting away now” if the officer says he has handcuffed you, you must act as if you’re handcuffed. (Officers may not handcuff a criminal that is too far to be handcuffed). 

-You may only own 2 cars for free, from there you must buy them. Divide the car’s in game price by 10, the result will be the amount you pay for that third car. 

-You may not have your minimap/radar on, and you may not go to your pause menu in order to look for other players, you may only open your pause menu to navigate, not search for people.

-no cheating the money system, if you’re caught cheating the money system, you will get kicked out of the server. 

-if you’re the boss of a job you must pay your worker(s) a reasonable amount of money. Do not overpay yourself. we are trusting you.

-When you die, you need to stay in that location you died in, and wait until you are either pronounced dead or alive by the EMTs. Note: the chances of dying depend on the cause of death, if you died from a gunshot to the head there’s a higher chance of being pronounced dead. If you died from blunt force there is a lower chance of being pronounced dead.

-If pronounced dead, you must start new records on our server and create a new character on our server, you may still play with the same GTA character that was pronounced dead, but you must have different records and your RP money must be reset. 

-When in a car accident, you must stop your car immediately depending on the severity of the crash, if the crash wasn’t bad, your car still works. If the crash was bad stop your car immediately, and wait for a mechanic to come pick it up to fix it. 

-when fixing a car, you must wait 2 in game days. If your car still works after a crash, drive it to the mechanic and drop it off there, wait two in game days then go to the mechanic and you may fix it after that, you must pay the mechanic. If your car was badly damaged have the mechanic pick it up at the crash site and he will drop it off at his work place for 2 in game days and then you may go fix it after 2 in game days. (Police will be the ones to contact the mechanic to pick up your car). mechanics must give you the location of their workplace when picking up your car.

-as a civilian You may only use a pistol, a pump shotgun, and a knife, In Order to use these guns you must buy the permission from a gun sales man. And must obtain a gun license from the police station. You may obtain guns illegally from criminals who have bought the permission from gun sales men. But illegally bought guns will result in an arrest if caught with the gun. The only guns that are strictly prohibited are the, missile launcher, rpg, mini gun, and the grenade launcher, Using those weapons listed will result in a warning by the moderators. other than that, anything can be used, but the only ones that are legal are the pistol, pump shotgun, and a knife (only the military may use the rocket launcher, rpg, mini gun, and grenade launcher).

-stop every once in a while for gas. 

-Use common sense, please, we ask of you to treat this RP Server like real life, and help this server be a healthy Roleplaying environment for everyone.

There are more rules listed on our server please read them when you have the time.

Alright now that we’ve gone through some of the rules we are going to talk about how to join. Comment your PSN names, then come up with a first name and last name of your RP character (you may use your real name if you’d like), and tell us a good reason on why you want to join. We will later go over it and contact you through PSN, and we’ll send you a link to our servers by sending you a DM. 

Make a discord account if you don’t have one. We will make your nickname the same as your PSN name, and we’ll brief you from there. When in the sever go to the “questions-and-help” channel for briefing. We will not be using in game currency, we will be using a currency system in our server. Please note: our RP server is currently in its early stage, and we will be updating it frequently to make it a better RP experience. Thank you!

Edited by Alphaxo
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PSN: madmanpotatoes

Roleplay Character: Joe Harps

I would like to join this server as I have never been able to join a roleplay server. I would like the experience of one and if I like it I will carry on playing.

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