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Hi there,



I don't know for sure if this question is posted in the right section, or even allowed.. 😀 feel free to correct.


I wonder if there is somewhere a correct working version of the admin console. I can find them but they won't run after installation.

Running windows 10


Before I had them for III and VC without any problems..


Cheers geeviz

Edited by Geeviz
Fix typo

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Here is A link to the GTA3 admin Console http://hobby.estetiksoft.de/gta3console/html/getgta3console.htm

Here is one to the GTA Vice City admin Console https://libertycity.net/files/gta-vice-city/97250-gtavc-admin-console.html

And Last But Not Least GTA SA Admin Console https://libertycity.net/files/gta-vice-city/97250-gtavc-admin-console.html


And a word of advice use google for things like this its faster then waiting for a reply from these fourms lol 😀


Also I think this is in the  coding section so yeah it was the wrong place to post it but what ever I guess of course the right section would help you get a reply faster

Edited by crashoverride93
Adding a bit more info

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