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PC Shutting Down mid-game


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I'm trying to figure out whether this is a PC problem or a game issue.  My computer seems perfectly healthy on malware checks etc. but yesterday I was right at the end of the Doomsday Scenario when my PC restarted.  Needless to say, I doubt my teammate was impressed.😞

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Your whole PC rebooted? Never even heard of that, any chance you hit the restart button?

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I don't think anything that can go kaka in the game (and we know that's a lot) can actually reboot your computer. Black/Blue Screen of death maybe, and that's really midden hitting the windmill.


Like Flacid said, you either hit reboot yourself, or anyway something at the hardware side of things happened. Something (dust inside?) short circuited the switch, or a failing memory chip, or overheating CPU or GPU are known culprits. Maybe it's time to have a good look under the hood.


Or could just a small brownout have killed power supply for a sec? Didn't have a PC for quite a long time, but these still haven't back-up batteries, do they, so they just shut down?

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Make sure your fans aren't blocked overheating will cause your PC to shut down by itself in an attempt to protect itself.


If you're using a laptop buy a laptop pad with an air vent or usb fan built in, If it's a PC with a tower make sure that it's not pressed up against the wall and that there is nothing underneth the tower such as a cloth/towel ect and keep the top and side free of any objects.


But if this doesn't happen often it could've been just a short circuit like Lucy said where the power surged or got disrupted for a few seconds

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