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Massachusetts Role-Play Community

EST. 2018


Are you a realistic and dedicated role-player and looking for a professional Five M RP Community on PC? The MASSRP Community is now recruiting!


Why join MASSRP?

MASSRP is a realistic, professional, and creative role-play that guarantees entertainment for everyone

Currently, we have over 50 members and are recruiting new role-players looking for the same experience


What are we recruiting for?

We are recruiting for our newest and best agency, Boston Police Department


Before joining, make sure you:

- Own a Clean and legal, copy of Grand Theft Auto V (Steam/Retail)

- Have Five M downloaded

- Use a working mic

- Bring a positive and respectful attitude


Contact us:





Hope to see you soon!


Edited by xOfficerRYNOx

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You are only allowed one Recruitment Thread at any time, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.  Duplicated threads will be locked.


You have also supplied a Social Club Member ID, not a Crew Page.



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